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First off, are you using encryption at all (WEP or WPA)? If you are using WEP, the password that you would enter into the wireless settings on your mom's comp is the hexadecimal WEP key, not the password you might have used on your iBook. In the AirPort Admin Utility, there is an icon in the toolbar that says "Equivalent Password" or something like that. Click on that and enter that as the password on your mom's comp. I have an Express too, and it has worked great. ...
I'm _pretty_ sure all the songs sold on the iTunes store are 128 kbps Protected AAC (.m4p files). I've found (in a couple instances) the song off the iTunes store sounds better than if I ripped it from the CD. I had heard that it was because the songs on the store are ripped from higher quality master tapes and/or the encoder used by Apple is a bit better than the one used in QuickTime (shrug).
Just as an aside... I was checking out Mac mini's on the Apple homepage, and I noticed that they have already replaced the wired pro mouse with the Mighty mouse under the options for mice/keyboards.
I think the big problem is that the OpenGL implementation that Blizzard is using sucks. People have bitched about this for a while, but the fact of the matter is that it just seems to run better using DirectX on Windows versus OpenGL on Mac. Alas
Yeah...I was toying with the idea of keeping quiet and letting you guys try and figure it out....sorry to rain on your geekfest I haven't even attempted to use Automator as of yet....some day soon I'm gonna sit down and see what I can do with it.
Or.....you can use Mail.app. When you have a message open, attach a picture. In the status bar at the bottom of the message window there will appear a drop-down menu that will allow you to compress and shrink the image if needed to facilitate the transfer. No muss, no fuss
Run away from Norton ASAP. Get DiskWarrior. Far superior app....and it won't screw up your system.
http://www.pcworld.com/howto/article...,109041,00.asp According to this article, g has 10% less range compared to b
When used in a mixed b/g environment, the router will default to b speeds (11 Mbps). The ranges are approximately the same for both versions as far as I know.
iPods are bootable already. As the above poster noted, Apple highly recommends that you don't do that. The constant spinning a boot drive is subject to will fry such a small drive in short order.
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