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Home unit = streaming from your home computer using AirTunes Car unit = iPod plugged into car stereo Apple partnering with various auto makers to include iPod connection options is where it will be at. I'm planning to get an iPod shuffle short term, but I still want a full fledged iPod down the road so that I have a portable way to tote all my music. Plug it in the car, unplug and take it into work or the house. That's why it's an "iPod". It's your portable...
Everything I have read indicates that the AIFF -> AAC conversion is done on the fly. That is, the music on the computer will stay lossless, but iTunes will create a compressed version to stick on the iPod shuffle. This is why the Merrill-Lynch analyst report was lamenting long synch times with AIFF files..on an older computer it might be a little painful (especially if it only has USB 1.1, further slowing things down).
I think he means can he be on two wireless networks (one for internet, one for streaming music) at the same time. The answer to that is: no. I plug my computer into my router for internet access (192.xxx.xxx.x IP address) and connect to my AirPort Express to print wirelessly and stream my music (10.x.x.x IP address). If I was to pull the plug on the ethernet connection, the internet would then come in via the AirPort. If your other wireless router is an AirPort or...
Hello All: So the hard drive in my PowerBook recently gave up the ghost (thank God for FireWire drives and Carbon Copy Cloner). I am looking at this particular HD from OWC as a replacement: http://eshop.macsales.com/Catalog_It...tem=HIT08K0633 It seems like a reasonable deal. I don't need a particularly bigger or faster one, since I plan to upgrade to a newer PowerBook (or maybe even iBook) in the next year or so. Does anyone have any strong opinions about...
Open System Preferences and go to the Network pane... Go to your AirPort settings. Change it from Automatic to Specific Network and then enter the SSID of your network and the password. Voila. It should now only connect to your own network.
I just investigated further... To start, your storage is set at 125 MB for each. However, if you access your account settings on the .Mac website, you can adjust the split between the two. I just changed mine so that I have 200 MB on the iDisk and 50 MB for email
Nice upgrade! I think we have Google to thank for getting the ball rolling and raising the bar for online storage. I was planning to renew anyway, but this makes it extra good.
Cocoa? I doubt that highly. Office has always been Carbon (someone feel free to correct me).
As far as I know, the AirPort express does not support this. I have the same problem with my Canon i320 printer. Basically, if you want to use the utilities provided by the printer manufacturer, you have to be plugged into a USB port on the computer, not the base station. Kinda sucks, I agree. Perhaps a firmware update down the road will allow this (I have no idea if that is even possible, but I can dream).
If they DID do home-on-iPod, I hope they include FileVault functionality, so that in case you lose the iPod the data can't be accessed. If such was the case, would the CPU in the iPod be powerful enough to handle the encrypt/decrypt functions, or would that be handled by whatever host computer you might be using?
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