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I give him props for doing this (and not just because I'm Patriots fan )... He's banked like $16 million in those 5 years. It would have been more if he hadn't signed a very dumb contract in New Orleans that was negotiated for him by Master P (I assume Snoop Dogg hadn't passed his bar exam yet) and which was all incentives. The man just wants to be left alone (and yes, smoke his weed in peace). Playing football leaves you with a broken and battered body. You end...
Preferences->Advanced Uncheck "Keep iTunes Music Folder organized" I actually really like that feature...but YMMV
I don't know of a batch way to do it in the Finder, only by individual files via Get Info... Are you sure you want to do that? Changing the file extensions may just confuse whatever app usually opens them. If you are doing it to change which app opens them, you can just change the Open With under Get Info.
If it's the same as with OS X, then it should be the "Option" key.
I think it only works with the newest AOL Instant Messenger client for Windows (5.5? too lazy to look right now).
I'd say your internet connection will be the bottleneck by far. 5 Mbits/sec is only about 625 KBytes/sec. You'd need to have something approaching Gigabit speeds to even start coming close, and even then I imagine the bandwidth between different internal components in your iMac is STILL faster.
Install Panther on it...plug it in your dad's comp. When you boot, hold down Option and pick the firewire drive. Should work just like dat.
And it served me well through those four years too.
My current Mac is in my sig... Before that my college computer (1994-1998 ) was a Performa 636CD with a 250 MB hard drive and 8 MB of RAM. It now gathers dust in the study in my parents' house (they are thinking of buying a Mac soon...probably an iMac).
I'd rather have more iDisk space. Vast amounts of email storage mean nothing to me.
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