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Go to prefs, account settings, make sure you have your SMTP server selected in outgoing SMTP server box. HTH
fsck did the trick i got another weird msg after fsck, launchd bug: something something.... which may explain why my computer takes looong time to boot. But at least i got rid of these EULAs, thanks! That was interesting i have to say ...
Kickaha, good suggestion, i didn't think of that. Still no go though. Mr H, i've tried that before i posted, nope it won't let me. Anyways, for those of you with Adobe CS2 installed.. this file is located in /Applications/Adobe Illustrator CS2/Legal I was trying to use ASR to clone my HD, and it would always fail on this specific file, and since i don't really need all that EULAs i thought it was a good idea to get rid of it. It's not the end of the world,...
didn't work. Why would it "autocomplete" it wrong?
Hi I have a weird issue here, i can't erase trash. I only have one folder containing one item in my trash: (~/.Trash/ERASE/Ti?ng Viê?t.html) For the life of me i can't get rid of this %$#@#@@@ doing : ls ~/.Trash/ERASE/, shows Tie????ng Vie????t.html Now. i thought i just sudo -rm -r this bastard, but when autocopmpleting pathname (tab) it changes to: sudo rm -r ~/.Trash/ERASE/Tie\\314\\202\\314\\201ng Vie\\314\\202\\314\\243t.html then ends up...
Actually 10.4 icludes vnc client... 1. Go to Sharing is System Preferences 2. Select apple remote desktop from the list 3. Click on Access Privileges button 4. Check on VNC viewers may control screen with password box. 5. Type in the password which will be used by remote vnc clients. 6. Click OK. 7. Make sure remote desktop control is started.
Hi. it depends how detailed info you need. Here are couple of apps: Dejal Simon <- super easy to use, some things work better than others, but worth playing with. CyberGauge <- Great app, it will give you all the statistics PER INTERFACE you need, plus more. netOctopus <- may be too much for your needs, but check it out. HTH
As someone not too frequent on these boards i would like to thank you for making me read all that mumbo-jumbo about versions numbering... :-) As far as new look ... I like shaded vs metal. ....and that's about it :-) I HATE inconsistencies in recent apple apps... Finder windows are metal, and they have a border, Safari is metal, but Safari windows don't have a border, mail is shaded, but it has a different colour than itunes... Now, WTF is going on with...
i know it's not exactly what you want, but you can press cmd+0 ..
moreover, you can reconfigure modules part of apache GUI to point to that newly installed PHP and control it from there (whether it's loaded when apache start or not)
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