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The slow, methodical death of Apples litigation, thank god.
Well I have to say it works.  I have the 15 Pro Retina and it is brilliant in form and function.  I play allot of games and the noise is present but with little distraction.  Whatever they are doing is working.  
If you do a little research you will find that these patents are owned by Sony and Nokia and that they were transfered to this company for litigation purposed to avoid counter litigation.  Happens all the time.
So in your mind Samsung is simply producing phones and stock piling them?  Really?  That there is NO WAY they can be actually selling this many phones?  That they have a magic warehouse somewhere they ship the phones too. I love ignorance.   You are right though, Market share does not equal profits......Yet.
You are so right.  The key to be a successful company is to keep producing phones that you can not sell /s
This bad boy is going to cut more into iPad sales than into Android 7" sales. I think Apple is trading one for the other.  Bottomline, people buy Apple because it is Apple.  Now they can have an Apple Tablet for far less.  $199 is an impulse buy, $329, not so much.
You are aware that the Apple-stamped cables are $3 cables made in China? 
1) My daughter does and it is effecting her.  What people are failing to grasp here is that on the 3, 3G, 4 and 4S this was not a common issue.  People using these phones just like to snap pictures with little to know thought going into composition.  Prior to the 5, it was a no brainer, now this is not the case and it is frustrating to them and her. 
People that have pride in themselves do not care what products they use as long as they fit the bill.  May want to work on your self esteem a little, sad.
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