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This is not possible. An app can change or delete only records that it added to Health. An app cannot change records that Health created itself, or that came from another app. I've just programmed syncing with Health in GymGoal.
I have an app. Yes sales increase when I drop the price, for a week or so, then they fall. What should I do after reaching $1, give my app for free and stop working on it? :-) Damn you, Apple. You never discount your stuff more than 10%, but you are driving AppStore prices to 10%, so 99% of iOS developers work for peanuts. I'm not kidding. My app is in AppStore since 2008. I've witnessed several rule changes in AppStore that helped to drive prices to $1.
20 app categories. You need to be in the top 100 in a category to make a living from the App Store (I'm an app developer, I'm usually in the top 100, so I base this assumption on my personal experience). If we ignore the fact that one programmer can make several apps (I used to have 5 apps once), and sometimes several people make one app, we will have 20 x 100 = 2000. Ok, let's multiply this by 10, and we'll have 20k. This should include the Apple stuff who "test" the apps...
You can buy the 16GB for $200 in BestBuy and some other stores, and it looks like 16GB sells well for $200. I think that this "stupid" sale was designed to sell the 64GB for $300. It got much of publicity, all websites scream about it, and there will be enough people to buy it for $300. I would bought it myself, but I already have 16GB, and it's worth $200 for sure. I would use the 64GB to store some movies on it, for us and for our kids.
QNX is a real time OS designed for critical tasks. I've read somewhere that a few years ago Google made a research on Linux and QNX. They found QNX to be much better than Linux for real-time operations and multitasking, but noted that it needs more processing power. I've bought 2 playbooks for $200, they run QNX - it's smooth and stable, and the battery life is OK (above many Android tablets but below iPad). Maybe RIM realizes that "me too" smart-phones will not help them....
I'm reading and typing this on a 7" BB Playbook, and I like the 7" screen. It fits in my coat pocket. My iPad never leaves home. If I need to take a bag, I take my MBP with me.
It will be harder and harder for Apple to get away with this king of "intellectual property protection". It is not an underdog anymore. They have lost the case in Australia. My feeling is that they will lose the appeal, and they will start losing more cases. Now Apple is the largest public company in the world. Governments always try to find a way how to break such companies apart (to improve competition) or how to restrict them from stiffing the competition in other ways....
If you had paid 30% of your income to the company that built your garage, you would expect them to make your garage unbreakable, would you? Well, that probably depends on your income... Last year I paid Apple enough for a garage :-)
No, they haven't. - Their jailbreak protection is inefficient. iOS 5 was jailbroken within minutes after release. Since they make their own hardware, they could make iPhone un-jailbreakable on hardware level. - Their piracy protection is very rudimentary. They could do much more, like an encrypted purchase receipt and other well-known measures. And again, since they make the hardware, they could protect apps on hardware level, that would be unbreakable.
I did this protection. And devs of many other pirated apps did this. But since Apple does nothing about this, this protection is very easy to break, and pirates break it for more-or-less popular apps. Currently there's only one way to tell that the app is pirated - checking the encryption status. Pirates also know this, and they simply patch those checks, and my patched app thinks that it is not pirated.
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