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Carol A: Did you even see the pictures, they were not graphic and the pictures definitely will not alter her memory, in my opinion. The two pictures were fuzzy/blurry and in black and white, CBS showed the pictures when they were interviewing a doctor who was tending to Diana at the crash scene and the pictures reflected him trying to help her. She looked fine physically, but she was noticeably unconscious and the doctor said she was too. Anyways, she didn't die at the...
Yes, that RS 800 does look like a great deal at Dell, I might just have to order that. The only real difference between the RS 800 and XS 1500 seems to be an extra two plugs and a few extra minutes on a full load.
I am looking for a UPS battery back up system around the $115.00 + range that would power my FP iMac and a couple other devices during a power outage. Unreliable power lines, with the recent high wind and thunder storms, along with the harsh winters up here have prompted me to go ahead and get a UPS. I have hunted around a bit and it sounds like APC is a good brand to go with, so I am looking at the APC Back-UPS Pro USB 500. It appears to be completely compatible with...
Since The Apple Store has the great Education deals for Logic Pro 6, I decided that I would get into music creation and editing, since it has always interested me. I have seen GarageBand and "noddled" a bit with it, but it seems rather simplistic and I am looking for something more in the professional field. Can I safely assume that Logic Pro 6 is able to import/record sound from a connected midi keyboard, like in GarageBand as different instruments? How good are the...
I never knew you were not suppose to cell phones at a gas station. But using one, can't be any worse then the people I have seen smoking or even lighting up at the gas station.
After looking at the web site link above there is no Wild Cherry Pepsi, Pepsi Twist or Pepsi Vanilla, only straight Pepsi/Diet and Sierra Mist.
My God, what an idiot! Some of these PC users are really the downfall of society. Sell the G5, who cares if your parents will be so hurt over it, I am sure they will live. ugh....
Now is this promotion just for Pepsi, or all Pepsi branded drinks, like Pepsi Twist, Pepsi Vanilla etc?
Omar, from that Apple video, was just on the "Today Show" talking about that virus and how to protect yourself. Apparently, he is now an "Internet Analyzer."
New Posts  All Forums: