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 Jeez, I was just asking a question.  Not everyone is as smart as you.  
I don't get it...what is the difference? Can't I just use the built in app for netflix on the apple tv box?
When I meet someone at a trade show, I hand them my business card and say "here's my card".   that still works.   if someone needs your contact info you can always email your v-card to them.
what about parallels 7 desktop?   their website says something to the effect that they are "working on desktop 7" and that we should hold off getting windows 8 until they are finished.   I hope that is not lip service and that they are not planning to leave us version 7 users in the dust...
This is a great site but it is rare to see repetitive posts go on for 15 posts.  Most people are friendly and trying to poke fun. Don't give up on the site, it's a great apple info site!
My order just changed from "processing" to "preparing for shipment". Still shows oct 5 delivery ordered 9/14 at 5:15 am, ny time 16 gb black
250 mb a month? that's nothing!!!!
So the kindle fire @159 and the kindle fire HD w 16gb @199 designed to compete against ipad mini @???   wonder if this strategy will work.....prices are very compelling and they have a formidable infrastructure for content.   I still think if you have the iPad and want a second device it will be worth an extra $100 to get the ipad mini so that all your apps and music can be shared.   that is.....if there IS an ipad mini!
most companies offer an inexpensive upgrade if you recently purchased their product. not parallels.  they want full upgrade price no matter what, every year it seems.   When mountain lion came out, every other software worked with it, or had a FREE upgrade...except parallels.  Parallels forced you to upgrade for $50 because of a $20 OS upgrade?  It doesn't make sense and it isn't fair to loyal customers that bought the product a few weeks too early.   True you...
New Posts  All Forums: