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I don't think it's that bad. AT&T just increased my data from 10gb to 15gb per month on the family share plan. Now I can roll over some unused data. Once additional carriers allow roll-overs longer than 1 month AT&T will likely follow suit. Competition is good.
I'm happy.  We have 5 iPhones sharing 10 gb now getting 50% more data for the same price. Competition is good!
Does Yosemite beta 6 need to be upgraded? I read somewhere that Mondays beta 6 release is the same as the GM?
iphone 5 - about 90 minutes from start to finish.   via wi-fi.
I'm getting the 5.5" w 64gb. gold. I think many more of the 6 plus's will be ordered than originally anticipated, here in the U.S.
in other words, be at your keyboard at 3:01am EST!
why bash AT&T? I have at&t. I have their next program - 5 phones 10 gb data unlimited voice and text for 160 month. I'm saving 35 per phone since I switched when it became available. So now to get a new phone, they will let me pay $30 per month (or whatever $650 or price of phone) is over 12 or 18 months interest free - I think that's a good alternative to subsidized phones when I am paying $70 per month each. Plus I get great coverage/service from at&t. I don't need...
 Jeez, I was just asking a question.  Not everyone is as smart as you.  
I don't get it...what is the difference? Can't I just use the built in app for netflix on the apple tv box?
When I meet someone at a trade show, I hand them my business card and say "here's my card".   that still works.   if someone needs your contact info you can always email your v-card to them.
New Posts  All Forums: