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most companies offer an inexpensive upgrade if you recently purchased their product. not parallels.  they want full upgrade price no matter what, every year it seems.   When mountain lion came out, every other software worked with it, or had a FREE upgrade...except parallels.  Parallels forced you to upgrade for $50 because of a $20 OS upgrade?  It doesn't make sense and it isn't fair to loyal customers that bought the product a few weeks too early.   True you...
I find it really annoying.  Sorry if you think it's silly.
I agree.   I bought a new macbook air on 6/29.   they should not make new purchasers wait like second class citizens just because they are getting a free upgrade.  Not to mention hoops you have to jump thru like several forms and uploading receipts as "proof of purchase".  just for $20 courtesy download.    They are a huge technology company - they can't check their own copies of invoices?   But some people here just blame the consumers......lord knows...
thanks for all the responses.it seems like you can download the songs permanently.On Apple's website, reading the wording carefully, it says the "music you purchased" or something to that affect.So....do they mean music you purchased FROM APPLE or does that definition include music you purchased, ripped from cd into iTunes, or even downloaded from say...Amazon?Apple may mean that music that is in their database as being purchased from APPLE is what you can download, all...
Dumb question: are you sure you can download the 256kbps version to another device? all I read in the description in the top post is that you can "listen on any other device" so doesn't that mean streaming? I understand it to mean once they check that you own a song, you can hear it at a higher quality on other devices. I didn't notice it specifying that you can download the entire library. Just "listen".
Me: what is the best smart phone in the world? Siri: you're kidding, right?!
I think the solution is to avoid the crunch (even though these websites should be able to handle it) and not stress out over buggy-ness. I woke up at a leisurely 8am, logged onto apple.com store at 8:30 and ordered my 4s by 8:32. Smooth with no problems.....
Rest in peace, Steve. The world is a better place because of you.
last week I shot an elephant in my pajamas. how he got in my pajamas... i don't know. it was by the viaduct. Vy a duck? Vy not a chicken? ask chico.
They are a ripoff company. I was forced to upgrade as well to 6 on 7/25 in order for the product to work with Lion. How convenient of them to not tell me that by waiting less than a week I'd be entitled to a free upgrade. I will NOT be paying for any more Parallels. I will switch to VMware first. GREEDY COMPANY! YOU SUCK PARALLELS!!!!!
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