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Dumb question: are you sure you can download the 256kbps version to another device? all I read in the description in the top post is that you can "listen on any other device" so doesn't that mean streaming? I understand it to mean once they check that you own a song, you can hear it at a higher quality on other devices. I didn't notice it specifying that you can download the entire library. Just "listen".
Me: what is the best smart phone in the world? Siri: you're kidding, right?!
I think the solution is to avoid the crunch (even though these websites should be able to handle it) and not stress out over buggy-ness. I woke up at a leisurely 8am, logged onto apple.com store at 8:30 and ordered my 4s by 8:32. Smooth with no problems.....
Rest in peace, Steve. The world is a better place because of you.
last week I shot an elephant in my pajamas. how he got in my pajamas... i don't know. it was by the viaduct. Vy a duck? Vy not a chicken? ask chico.
They are a ripoff company. I was forced to upgrade as well to 6 on 7/25 in order for the product to work with Lion. How convenient of them to not tell me that by waiting less than a week I'd be entitled to a free upgrade. I will NOT be paying for any more Parallels. I will switch to VMware first. GREEDY COMPANY! YOU SUCK PARALLELS!!!!!
this cannot be accurate... as I recall in march 2010, the ipad was ridiculed, it's already been done, they made fun of the name, and no one will buy one as proved by microsoft's attempt at a tablet. the report must be erroneous that 40 let alone 40 million of them will be sold this year. shoddy reporting.
I have the MBA 13" and it is simply the BEST device I have ever owned! I gave up a macbook pro to get the MBA, I needed lighter weight product. I knew the ssd drive would be faster but was totally impressed with the HUGE speed increase loading and running WINDOWS with Parallels - much faster than the MB pro and any windows machine for that matter.Got the extra memory from the factory and run multiple programs and this machine FLIES! It's fast, light, and DOES...
Agreed it's a mixed bag but I travel a lot and want the tethering. Assuming I don't go over 4gb a month, it's an ok deal. Anyone who travels knows most hotels charge 10-15-20 per day for wireless internet so paying an extra 15 (I have the unlimited right now) by comparison isn't outrageous. Plus I usually travel with my macbook air and ipad, so I'll be able to use both devices with my tethered phone and will never have to pay $30 for ipad 3g service per month.
Apple handled a similar situation better...when the iPad was released they allowed employees to buy them if they wanted to but - no employee discount for the first 3 months. Employees didn't feel cheated or short changed and if they really wanted one without waiting the company treated them like any other customer...
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