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So...if I understand correctly, if AT&T allows this feature - even at a price, I would not really need the iPad 3G. The iPad wifi would suffice. And if I also have a macbook air, when I travel I could set up the phone to provide 3G internet to either the iPad or the macbook air. Thus instead of paying $30 per month (when needed) on the ipad 3G, I now have the option (assuming AT&T charged in the $20-30 per month range) of using the phone. The main benefit is more...
Hulu plus lowered their price to 7.99. And there IS far more content. My question is, is it apple that is preventing hulu plus from being streamed on the AppleTV? For fear of losing rental revenue from itunes - for their 99 cent tv shows? It doesn't make sense, since they allow the ipad to have the hulu plus app. I am paying the 7.99 in hopes that I will be able to either stream directly on the apple tv or using airplay from my ipad. Else I may as well start saving...
scene from Acer and other windows computing-based copy cat companies boardrooms: Uh, what should we come up with next? Duh, I don't know... Anybody got any ideas? Hey...what's Apple creating? Ha! That will never sell! (fast forward six months) We have been planning to come out with our mp3/video/cell/tablet/laptop product based on windows/xp/7/mobile/droid/etc OS for months, and we will give Apple a run for their money. It was our idea first........
why not just let comcast & nbc charge whatever they like? customers on itunes will buy the 99 cent tv shows from fox and abc, and get pissed at nbc and comcast for charging more than that, and sales will be nil for them. then they will know how much their shows are worth in the real world, for tv show rentals. and lower them themselves.
Dear Trolls, I have the 13 inch macbook air late 2010, and have experienced none of the discussed so-called video problems. Therefore, the problem doesn't exist. If you think that is a stupid statement, it is as stupid as drawing a conclusion from an unknown number of problematic hardware. Perhaps there is one defective unit. Millions produced, one defect. TIME TO RIOT!
That's sort of my situation. I wanted the 4gb upgrade since I use Parallels to run windows and like to run lots of programs simultaneously. I have a 13" macbook pro w 4gb ram and 160gb drive. My new MBA came today, been using it for 1 hour. Initial thoughts... 1. first time I used migration assistant, it took only 22 minutes for about 80gb of data! 2. WOW to the screen - same screen size as the macbook pro but feels like 50% larger due to resolution - now I see what the...
My iphone defaults to http://iphone.appleinsider.com in mobile safari. It seems pretty nice as a small scale version of this site.
I ordered the 13" model with 4 gb memory and it said ships in 3-5 days. So far 2 days and no ship.... With the stellar reviews the new AIRS are getting, I don't think Apple can make them fast enough! Like all their other newer products. What a pleasant problem to have.
My wife cares. She didn't buy a car because the interior color was not to her liking. She's been waiting for a white iphone 4. Maybe she'll give up now. Some people just want that color! WOMEN!
Great idea -thanks... I just hate the idea of paying a data fee PER DEVICE. I already pay that on our iphones, and home internet. One price for multiple portable devices seems much better to me. Is that so wrong?!!!
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