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Will OS4 allow you to print from an Ipad? That's what I want to know.
This thread and the others on the subject are just a bunch of b.s. In the real world 99.999% of the users have no problem and everyone focuses on the .001 percent that do. There is no doubt in my mind that in areas of weak cell signals, you may have a problem with the iphone 4 dropping calls, just like other phones. Since most people use some sort of case I would imagine that the .001 percent figure could be cut in half, at least. So it is a very small number I would...
I talked with a lot of people and I can tell you that: Millions... no, Billions are happy with their iPhone 4. Yeah, that's the ticket!
Pardon me for being dumb, but couldn't Apple just give out a new iphone 4 to people with defective iphone 4's? If so, what is the lawsuit about? Pain and suffering?
I have no doubt that Apple will deal with this "issue", big or small, in a way that satisfies their customers. Regardless, detractors will continue to detract.
Exactly. Apple is under fire because they are, well.... IMMENSELY SUCCESSFUL! The bigger you get, the more you get attacked. Trolls love to attack. The Media loves to attack. And the competition loves to attack. Time and again, Apple comes out with high quality products, elegantly designed, simple to use, and attractive to the end user because it is designed for them, rather than it being a product crammed full of stuff without any regard for what people really...
So... with this new plan I can pay $25 (instead of the current $30), and add $20 for tethering, and use the tethering to get 3G service on my iPad, thus allowing me to avoid paying $30 per month for the iPad 3G service? Or am I missing something?
You can go to wired.com and get a year of the printed magazine for $10 PLUS A FREE WIRED BASEBALL CAP!!! So.... 4.99 per issue? Seems pricey for less of the same thing...
I called the store a few hours ago and they actually suggested I get there at 4pm to avoid a crowd. They probably didn't even know the store was closing until very recently....
[COOL]Fixed it for you. That expression is apparently immune to generational overuse and eschewing. I think the spelling for today's generation is "kewl".
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