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So... with this new plan I can pay $25 (instead of the current $30), and add $20 for tethering, and use the tethering to get 3G service on my iPad, thus allowing me to avoid paying $30 per month for the iPad 3G service? Or am I missing something?
You can go to wired.com and get a year of the printed magazine for $10 PLUS A FREE WIRED BASEBALL CAP!!! So.... 4.99 per issue? Seems pricey for less of the same thing...
I called the store a few hours ago and they actually suggested I get there at 4pm to avoid a crowd. They probably didn't even know the store was closing until very recently....
[COOL]Fixed it for you. That expression is apparently immune to generational overuse and eschewing. I think the spelling for today's generation is "kewl".
Personally, I just found it plain annoying.
It's like having a house with 3 or 4 bathroooms in it, as opposed to one or two. You don't HAVE to have 3 or 4, but it is certainly, nice, and convenient. Even though it is a luxury.
In case anyone is thinking of being nasty to me, please don't. Don't read this comment. Don't read my posts. Don't be nasty to me, and don't even THINK of being nasty to me. PLEASE!
Also if you prefer typing while the ipad is standing vertically, you are better off with the stand that has a keyboard. Yes it will set you back $69 but it's a real keyboard and if you need to do a lot of typing, probably preferable. This way you have the best of both worlds..... keyboard for typing and the world's greatest media/connectivity machine when casual typing on virtual keyboard is enough.
After I bought my two ipads at the UWS Apple store in NYC on the lower level, I came upstairs and went to the crowded demonstration tables. People were truly fascinated with them. I'm sure some were buying and some were just checking them out. One guy commented to me "I don't know if I'll get one - I heard some sites don't work on the iPad" One woman mentioned "it's heavier than my kindle". I told her that's true but usually when reading you rest the...
I went to the Upper West Side NYC store today, about 12:30 to avoid the crowds. At that time there were no lines. Upstairs was very crowded as everyone was checking out the ipad. Downstairs, where those with reservations had to go... plenty of people there but no waiting at the genius counter where I picked up my reservation - which was for 1 ipad 32gb. I asked if it would be a problem if I bought a second one, since the Apple site said after 3 pm they would sell the...
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