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I went to the Upper West Side NYC store today, about 12:30 to avoid the crowds. At that time there were no lines. Upstairs was very crowded as everyone was checking out the ipad. Downstairs, where those with reservations had to go... plenty of people there but no waiting at the genius counter where I picked up my reservation - which was for 1 ipad 32gb. I asked if it would be a problem if I bought a second one, since the Apple site said after 3 pm they would sell the...
Apples 1st Q 2010 ended in December 2009? No wonder this stuff is confusing!
ES: I'm your older brother, Steve, and I was stepped over! SJ: That's the way Pop wanted it. ES: It ain't the way I wanted it! I can handle things! I'm smart! Not like everybody says... like dumb... I'm smart and I want respect! I have my own smartphone now! SJ: You sat on the board, and took our ideas. I know it was you, Eric. You broke my heart. You broke my heart! cue "Speak Softly, Love"
It's the fault of N.O.W If they can't get Wiggle iBanana and Wiggle iNuts at the app store, in the issue of fairness they wanted iBoobs pulled.
TRUE!!! Steve also showed up at the newest NYC store - upper west side - the one featured in his presentation last week announcing the ipad. You might say the staff were thrilled. The customers didn't seem to realize who was in their presence. He did give away 6 free iPads to some lucky people! * okay, just kidding about the free iPads.
I don't have the AV either. I read that Sling Media won't support the older models BUT the software works with them.... We'll find out.
I travel several times a year and although I have a slingbox, I really didn't think it was fair to iphone users since AT&T allowed Blackberry & other phone owners to use Slingbox over 3g. Of course we don't know exactly the extent of the modifications AT&T has required, maybe to conserve bandwidth the Slingbox video screen is a quarter-inch square?! baby steps......
Yeah, it's incredible. The first calculator - and how we got excited by a simple addition or subtraction. Or the first mainframe computers that took up whole floors in companies buildings..... and to think they had less processing power than an iphone! And who'da thunk a few decades ago that a 1 1/2 pound gizmo called an iPad could let you read books, watch movies, play video games! It's still amazing all this technology. Ah, I love reminiscing!
The original word computer was a job description! It was actually a term used to describe a person that did calculations. You can look it up. So, in my mind, at least SOME computers will never become obsolete!
"If you build it, they will come" --- Field of Dreams "If Steve builds it, we will come....... and bitch, and whine, and complain, and tell you 47 ways to Sunday why it will fail" --- The Field of AI Trolls :-p
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