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Yeah, it's incredible. The first calculator - and how we got excited by a simple addition or subtraction. Or the first mainframe computers that took up whole floors in companies buildings..... and to think they had less processing power than an iphone! And who'da thunk a few decades ago that a 1 1/2 pound gizmo called an iPad could let you read books, watch movies, play video games! It's still amazing all this technology. Ah, I love reminiscing!
The original word computer was a job description! It was actually a term used to describe a person that did calculations. You can look it up. So, in my mind, at least SOME computers will never become obsolete!
"If you build it, they will come" --- Field of Dreams "If Steve builds it, we will come....... and bitch, and whine, and complain, and tell you 47 ways to Sunday why it will fail" --- The Field of AI Trolls :-p
Why does the product need an "i"? If they have to rename it how about KA-PAD as in Kick-Ass Pad! or, if they are annoyed by Fuji's claim, they could call it the FU PAD SU or TAB-LET-SU.
Thank god for all the geniuses at this forum...... I guess I won't waste my time or money on this abject failure of a product. Yes, not one iPad has been sold yet, but the geniuses here (you know who you are!) know that this product will be a total failure. Why, I could buy a netbook and run ex pee and squeeze together my fingers on those tiny made of junk keyboards and it would cost so much less..... why would anyone in their right mind want an iPad??? As a matter of...
you can do anything with this device. it has a colors, like a can of paint. iCan
Boy those are some pretty big iphone screens!
I'm using an app on the iphone called runkeeper - for joggers. It allows you to press a tiny button on the screen that locks the entire screen.... so that you don't disengage the program or otherwise disturb it while you are jogging/exercising. They could use something like that - you'd need to pro-actively lock the screen.
Is it the 27th yet? The suspense is killing me! Is there any chance they won't introduce a tablet/slate computer? It's been talked about so much....with all the speculation based on parts Apple's ordered etc... it would be a tremendous let down if they came out and had nothing like what's been bandied about....
According to this website, there is a pretty good success ratio for liver transplants at Steve's age. http://optn.transplant.hrsa.gov/data/click on National data, click on survival (drop down), click on liver (drop down), click on survival by recipient age - center of page - to see results.Plus Steve is fortunately in a position to pay for a second liver transplant.... maybe his odds are even better?I'm not a doctor, just not ready to write off Steve Jobs based on...
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