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Can they stick a flash in it somehow? So many dark photos without one....
okay. I only did it because I see them all the time. I'm new here and thought it was a tradition. NEVERMIND!
I bought the $69 magic mouse at the UWS NYC Apple Store and also wasn't asked to sign the device. It's a pretty cool device though, in operation. Much faster than the Microsoft gadgets they used to use.
I think I started talking faster too, once I got my 3GS
Amazon yesterday had the $885 price for the macbook 13".Today they are listing it at $849.00! (no rebate - that's the price)
True. I have great service from AT&T in North Westchester (north of NY city) and rarely have a problem. I do feel sorry for those that have trouble getting service. However there have been millioins of iphones sold. I find it hard to believe that a huge majority just have terrible voice or data service all of the time. People just like to bash their carrier. AT&T can and will improve their service over time but Verizon (unless they totally replace their network) will...
LOL .... at Apple stores they try to help customers.... and they are too busy and crowded to allow for dancing anyway! Microsoft is working furiously to prepare EULA's, licensing and activation fees for any retail establishment that wants to copy their in-store-line-dancing routines.
Thanks for the welcome! I just meant that I am proud that he (my son) was only 1 of 220 out of 10,000 applicants. Being only one of fifty applicants that makes it through the process is cool. Retail can be bad or good but the predominantly young people that work there think it's a cool job and Apple at least pays very well for retail and also has excellent benefits. I guess it's easy to be generous when you are clearing $350 million a year from some of your stores!
I am proud to be related to one of the chosen 200..... the store is open today and tomorrow for the media....the general public's grand opening is Saturday. Downstairs is for creatives, geniuses and help. Upstairs is for sales. It's a spectacular store! If you find yourself critiquing Apple, just remember.... they have a great formula for retail success. Go into any mall and all the stores may be quiet/slow... but never Apple! Good luck and good selling...
New Posts  All Forums: