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I'm using an app on the iphone called runkeeper - for joggers. It allows you to press a tiny button on the screen that locks the entire screen.... so that you don't disengage the program or otherwise disturb it while you are jogging/exercising. They could use something like that - you'd need to pro-actively lock the screen.
Is it the 27th yet? The suspense is killing me! Is there any chance they won't introduce a tablet/slate computer? It's been talked about so much....with all the speculation based on parts Apple's ordered etc... it would be a tremendous let down if they came out and had nothing like what's been bandied about....
According to this website, there is a pretty good success ratio for liver transplants at Steve's age. http://optn.transplant.hrsa.gov/data/click on National data, click on survival (drop down), click on liver (drop down), click on survival by recipient age - center of page - to see results.Plus Steve is fortunately in a position to pay for a second liver transplant.... maybe his odds are even better?I'm not a doctor, just not ready to write off Steve Jobs based on...
I have Parallels and have been running Windows 7 in a virtual window without any problems. Since I loaded up the VM with a lot of memory (Parallels has a slider that lets you control how much ram the VM can use out of the total ram on the machine), the performance has been excellent. I'm using a macbook pro. On my macbook at home I noticed (since I have less installed memory) that performance isn't as good on either Windows 7 or Mac OS. Since they have the same CPU...
Can they stick a flash in it somehow? So many dark photos without one....
okay. I only did it because I see them all the time. I'm new here and thought it was a tradition. NEVERMIND!
I bought the $69 magic mouse at the UWS NYC Apple Store and also wasn't asked to sign the device. It's a pretty cool device though, in operation. Much faster than the Microsoft gadgets they used to use.
I think I started talking faster too, once I got my 3GS
Amazon yesterday had the $885 price for the macbook 13".Today they are listing it at $849.00! (no rebate - that's the price)
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