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I have not yet had the time to dig into this, but will iT Radio survive as a free service?  I see that Radio is still on iTunes on El Capitan and iOS 9 beta, but they didn't really say whether it will be around, did they?
I wondered the same thing.  I occasionally use iTunes Radio and don't really want to pay for Music streaming, although the family deal isn't bad.  Not bad until I think that my kids aren't downloading albums every month as it stands, so paying $15 every month is a bit out of what we would normally spend just on music.
I might suggest that making sweeping statements like "most" people don't wear watches anymore, is likely to be significantly off-base.  Unless you're saying most people [you know], don't wear watches.  Watch-wearers is still a big market, even if the smartphone has had an impact on watch wearing in general.  They're not just for time keeping, because if they were, we would not have as many companies offering as many options for watch styles.  Watches can be, for many...
Gartner is famous for making statements that suggest their paying customers are seeing big growth in markets, especially those where Apple has had a foothold. This, even when the truth of the matter may be exactly the opposite.
My point was that with Fusion Drives, you get the benefit of both the lower cost of mass storage and the speed of SSD for oft-used applications and processes.  With Apple pushing so many devices to solid state storage, it just seems silly to offer one of their higher end products with a spinning disk-only storage device, when Fusion adds so little cost ($200).  Even for people using an iMac for home use, sticking with a HDD at the point we're at now, makes very little sense. 
Why anyone would buy an iMac with a traditional spinning HDD is beyond me. Or maybe I should be asking why Apple is still producing a traditional HDD equipped model, when the least they should be offering is the Fusion Drive equipped versions. We've been using a FD equipped iMac in my work since early '13 and it's been a fantastic compromise of space and speed. Sure, having 1tb of SSD space would be the best, but the price per gb is so much higher.
Wow, I guess I must have touched on a nerve, huh?  My opinion was not related to something personal, but rather using my personal thoughts to further the position that the article was discussing - whether the Swiss watch manufacturers were going to be negatively effected by the Apple Watch.  I provided reasons why people much like myself will keep buying mechanical / automatic timepieces, which is entirely separate from any discussion on whether I would buy an Apple Watch...
My automatic watch hasn't gone out of true in more than a decade of everyday use, including some significant hard physical abuse. It's remained water resistant through lake and ocean swimming and diving, whitewater rafting and other severe duty things like chopping wood, working on the car, and other construction projects. And as far as technology goes, the Apple Watch, may be pushing the envelope for digital tech, but I'll take a mechanical watch and its ability to keep...
It's just another thing you have to plug in each night and whether it costs pennies a year or not, it's an extra cost. People who buy mechanical watches of course don't do so to save the cost of electricity. That wasn't my point.
That's the thing with fine watches, be they pocket or wrist, the market is small (compared to the mass market Apple goes after), but that doesn't mean the market is going to go away just because Apple offers a Watch that does more than a mechanical watch. I'd counter Apple's Watch with the fact that you don't need to charge a mechanical watch every night using electricity you have to pay for, making the mechanical watch the more technologically advanced time piece. And...
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