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Obviously BT headphones exist - I haven't used a wired headset in years, but Apple hasn't done anything wireless since their old BT unit, which was the best looking mono headset I've ever seen.  If Apple put some time and effort into a better wireless option for mono or stereo use, I'd be all over it and I don't think I'd be alone.  There are a lot of crummy BT headsets, mono and stereo, and they could use Apple's creative thinking to improve battery life and signal...
Apple needs to focus some attention on eliminating headphone wires altogether, although the lightning headphone jack is a step in the right direction.
I've gotten the connection of my iPhone 5s to my iMac (late 2012 21") for things like phone calls, but the email side and even Safari web handoff has not worked. That being said, this is most definitely a feature that is worth upgrading hardware for if you use your iPhone, iPad and Mac laptop or desktop for work. The seamless connectivity between devices makes way more sense than Microsoft's idea of trying to make a single device that is a jack of all trades, master of...
Given my Volvo's head unit is dying, this could be great timing. I'd love to replace the stock unit with one more integrated with my iP5s.
I would venture to guess that T-Mobile recognizes that Apple is likely to launch updated iPads soon and clearing the inventory makes sense at this point.  Although I have an Air, I'll reinvest to get a new one with Touch ID, as it was the one thing the iPad was lacking - made noticeable after getting the 5s and recognizing how great it is not to have to type in passwords all the time.
We should come back to this "news" release after Apple announces their numbers and see just how far off Gartner and IDC are.  Then watch how they both say that Apple is wrong about their numbers because they're not taking into account some mysterious losses that only they can track...
How about getting rid of the wires? In this age of wireless, I'm surprised Apple isn't working on a new bt headset. It's a market that has seen little innovation in my opinion, and one that could use Apple's prowess at battery management and aesthetic design.
Are you suggesting I'm a troll or agitator?  I firmly agree with DED on many, including this, editorial.  My point is that preaching to the choir is one thing and asking Gartner themselves why they're writing what they write does nothing to expose the truth.  Perhaps Daniel is trying to get big media to bite on his articles, but I've never seen his pieces anywhere outside of the mac-centric tech sites.  
DED, instead of tweeting Gartner asking them why MSFT ported Office to iPad, you should be contacting big media.  You already know why Gartner posts the numbers they do - they're being paid to do so.  It has nothing to do with fact, and everything to do with trying to influence both consumer and financial markets, to the benefit of Gartner's customers (which coincidentally are competitors to Apple).   Of course big media won't publish your editorials because they're not...
Yes, they're doing it to simply throw Samsung off, and get them to invest in something they too have no use for. Brilliant, Apple.
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