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Browett was not a good fit - at least from my perspective looking in.  It's going to be tough finding someone, from retail, that has any experience or skills running a retailer like Apple in the Apple way.
This is a conversation I've had with people time and again.  Apple pushes forward compared to MS and the pc crowd, who keep themselves locked into a tech, be it good or bad, for what seems like forever because they're afraid to piss off their customers.  Apple has no issue pissing off customers, who get mad and then just buy in and deal with the change.  I'm grateful there is a company like Apple doing this in the tech world.
The shake-ups in electronics will continue.  It's not that Apple is driving the change, but their process (design and production) and marketing is certainly influencing both other product manufacturers as well as consumers - who in many cases have figured out the old "you get what you pay for" mantra.  So much crap is cluttering the market that you have to work hard to differentiate in order to be noticed.  With tv's, there's just so little differentiation that price has...
It's the human condition that causes this type of strife.  It happens with religions, schools, sports teams, cities, countries, politics, race, sex, cars, etc.  People are always going to pick sides, even when the reasons behind their choice is non-sensical to those looking in from the outside.  If you single out Google and Apple, for example, neither company is what I would call a company to look up to as far as society is concerned.  Yes, they're both successful, but...
Same for me - but you have to ask yourself, "who cares?"  I know the bridge doesn't flow down into the valley and I don't need to see it perfectly.
The Mini when paired with a TB Display does give you the ability to update/upgrade the computer while keeping the monitor (and keyboard and mouse/trackpad) as opposed to having to ditch the iMac entirely if you want to upgrade to a new processor (for example). But based upon the slow refresh cycle, chances are good that you may be ready for a new monitor by the time an update hits on the Mini.
The world is a better place because of Steve.  We all play a part, for sure, but Steve definitely figured out how to push people to think differently - for the better.
First of all, who really thinks of Microsoft being connected to music? It was and still is Apple that made the connection between music and computers/iPods (iPod being the Kleenex of music players). Microsoft is late to the game and misguided in what they're doing trying to use "artists" like this bozo to bring people into their stores. Maybe they should try getting their hardware manufacturing "partners" to step up and start making products that people want to buy -...
It's tough for companies like Nokia (and RIM) to compete against the likes of Apple when they lack the "think different" mentality that is required to push forward with new products that consumers want. Google and their Android partners have been more successful because much of what they started with was driven by Apple's original design. The partnership with Microsoft was a differentiation point (away from both Apple and the ever increasing Android driven market) and...
It's obvious that iOS Maps isn't at the same level as Google's mapping, but I too find it hard to believe that it's a crushing blow to Apple. They made a decision to move away from Google and I applaud that - they'll fix the issues with Maps and even if they didn't, as others have noted there are plenty of mapping apps for people to choose from. I also find it strange that people seem to rely on maps so much. Are people really traveling to unknown places this much?
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