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In order to ensure a tight bond between the metal and plastic, there would need to be areas of the metal piece that are sufficiently deep and not perfectly perpendicular to the connection between the metal and plastic. Just making the metal surface rough won't be enough for a tight bond.
It's not hard to envision the new standard for your digital life to be iMac as your base home "computer", the iPad for portability at home and away and the iPhone for communication. Throw in an Apple TV or the potentially new Apple Television and you've got all bases covered.
Let's see, with more and more dedicated digital cameras moving towards wifi transmission of photos or the real issue of more consumers not using dedicated digital cameras period, I'm just not sure what need there is for a SD slot? I've got one on my mba and have used it at least ZERO times a day. And as far as mini hdmi, do you really want to park your tablet next to, or behind, on top of your television so that you can use it as an expensive dvd player? This is what...
It's not like this will see widespread use, but I agree with others that the map data is poor at best. I tried it with a shot I took yesterday and was thoroughly disappointed in the results. On iPhoto on my mba, it still uses Google's mapping, which is leaps and bounds better. The only thing that bothered me was that the photo showed my location as where my wifi router was inside my condo, not outside where I was in the parking lot. I know this is a google issue, not...
I want Apple to open up the noise suppression capabilities of the iPhone so that it can be tweaked. I'd love to skip having to bring noise canceling headphones onto the plane and just use what is built in to the phone to do the noise canceling.
We were told previously that they were going to do this. For those areas where AT&T has implemented hsdpa, service should be significantly faster than before. I'm getting the 4G symbol but not really seeing the increased speed that was promised with the hsdpa service. I really don't care either way, as long as I can talk and browse or send emails at the same time.
what's the build number for those that have been able to download the new 5.1?
New iPad name - iPad Touch!
Quite frankly, I would say that this is a case of patent trolling. Just read the patent. They're connecting voice and data. VVM isn't storing a data message, unless I'm missing something altogether with the iPhone. If they are arguing that a person's name showing up on-screen is data (like a multi-media presentation as they note) that is crap. If the argument is that the voice message is actually data, then I'd say that they're over-stretching the bounds of their...
Samsung is doing what all of Apple's competitors do - they pick one or two specific points of a product spec and challenge Apple on that point. They're missing the big picture - which is a common problem for lots of big businesses. They have mba's (not MacBook Airs) that think they can boil things down in their matrix to the one or two points that drive people to buy and they're not looking at things that aren't there and how they could capitalize on providing something...
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