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Watch the language.   First of all, the article was a "review" of the new MacBook, minus the actual new MacBook, so any "flaws" should be taken with a grain of salt.   Second, the new MacBook is very much like the iPad, it's not meant to be an everything to everyone computer, but rather a thin and light computer that will do all the basic functions a computer needs to do (for the average user).  Will it replace your existing MacBook Pro that you have plugged into your...
For sure and I'll add to that, for those people that want / need a bigger than 9.7" screen.  
I thought the same thing when I read that.  Exactly what metric they're using to suggest the Surface Pro is successful is the real question.  Perhaps selling more than 1 unit, makes it successful?  
I completely agree with you - and in fact did the same thing with my 2011 13" Air and the 256gb Jet drive.  But I switched to traveling with my iPad Air and a keyboard a little more than a year ago, just to save a few pounds in my bag.  That being said, the iPad Air is not ideal for size, for my aging eyes, so moving up to a MacBook 12" will help considerably.  Of course, if Apple would figure out how to slim down the 15" rMBP, which is what I'm currently running for work...
I think the clickbait issue plays a big part in why "news" outlets publish false and misleading stories about Apple, but more so I think it's the fact that Apple has always been a company with lots of people who quite literally HATE them and they're simply using that polarization to their benefit - as that hatred is what gets people to click on the "news" to further support their point of view that Apple is potentially worse than even the government.     There is just...
For sure - both guys live and breath their work, so it would be odd for them not to talk shop.  But having it be anything of substance would be tricky at best.  Personally, I hope they can figure out some way to collaborate, and not just on software for the car.  Both companies have such similar guiding principles and battling against the old way of doing things.
I noted in another post something similar.  Elon knows the front end of both the S and X are a weak point in design.  They've wrestled with how to keep a visual connection to what people expect a car to have - like a front grill, on a car that in fact needs no front grill.  Past efforts by GM with their initial EV1, show just how bad a grill-less car can look, so Tesla tried to tack on something that would bring continuity and it didn't work visually. 
Given Tim and Elon already had "that" meeting, or so we've been led to believe, I doubt the talk between Ive and Musk would be a starting point for collaboration.  Frankly speaking, I can see Elon asking Ive for help in fixing the design of the front end of the S and X.  It's been a sore point (for Tesla) for an otherwise great looking car.
Jony Ive isn't exactly the decision maker for Apple, so any conversations with Elon could simply have been related to non-business related matters. Maybe Elon is interested in the Watch? Maybe Ive wants one of the P85D cars? Although anything is possible, it's highly unlikely that their talk would have any implications on what may or may not be happening at Apple with regards to a car.
The fact that they calculated awards based upon hardware sales will be the thing that gets a reversal for Apple.
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