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I would guess he's probably close with his predictions.  The iPad has likely hit close to its saturation point and given the size increase in iPhones, many people, myself included, use the iPad much less and have less reason to upgrade.   Going bigger will simply open up a percentage of the market that wants / needs a bigger screen size, but I don't see it being a game changer that gets millions to upgrade from the iPad 4, Air and Air 2.     I'm not even convinced a...
I always find it interesting how borrowing money to do stock buybacks, when you have cash on hand, makes more sense. It tells me our tax system isn't working right.
Stock manipulation happens all the time and given Apple's size and the amounts of money to be made, even small swings based upon negative or flat analyst predictions can have huge payouts to their investors or the firms themselves. If any of them deny they're doing exactly that - manipulating the market, then they should be fired for being more wrong about Apple on a consistent basis, than just about any publicly traded company.
As long as your phone is plugged in, in the car or at home, there is zero need to press a button. Just say Hey Siri and whatever you want "her" to do. That's kind of the point with Siri hands free. As soon as you have to start pushing buttons, you're back to being distracted.
I just don't see people "using" an Apple watch in the same way they do an iPhone. That is, it would be strange to be spending an inordinate amount of time looking at and interacting with a watch-sized device, when you can just as easily use your iPhone where you'll see things much bigger and can properly interact. You have to have your iPhone with you anyway, so continually looking at a tiny screen to see portions of messages or notifications just doesn't make sense to...
Very true about many engineers, however Ford's process had to involve designers too.  Unless MS was telling both teams that what they really wanted wasn't possible (which is likely how things went down), I find their system inexcusably bad.  Chrysler's system, on the other hand, is fantastic.  It's as if they watched the train wreck that was Ford MyTouch and addressed all the negatives, both functionally and visually.  I can't wait to get my new JGC SRT with it.
MS's Sync for Ford is complete crap.  Every time I get a rental Ford, I'm thoroughly disappointed in how it works (or rather, doesn't work).  I just can't believe Ford signed up with MS in the first place.  You would have thought Ford's engineers and marketing folks would have recognized just how bad Sync was the first time they looked at it.  I've even been in an Explorer where the entire system rebooted while I was driving.  Not a great thing when the touch-screen system...
This isn't news - what does anyone think Mark Z. would say in response?  That his company mines data and then sells that data and that you as a FB user are really just a bunch of data to be sold to the anyone and everyone willing to buy it?  If the movie was accurate in its portrayal of the founding of FB, then perhaps Mark didn't initially think of using and selling the data he collected, but clearly that is exactly what has created value for FB.
After writing my post, I quickly tried a shot, which I then noted on another post.  It's not the photographer, but rather the camera settings for the iPhone that are causing the images to appear too dark.  Obviously adjustments can be made after the fact, which I would have thought he would have done, but again, we don't know what he did or didn't do with the images - just that I find them to be rather poor shots in viewing them on the Time site.
Just to do a basic test, I took a shot inside my condo, using HDR on, with my 6+.  I have to say that I think Apple's got the mid-tone levels set too dark.  In iPhoto, I need to lighten up the mid-tones in order to have it look more like what the naked eye sees.  With HDR off, the mid-tones are a bit less pronounced, but still requires lightening to get the photo to look more natural.  I know what I'm trying to do is a bit more complicated as I'm shooting in a dark-ish...
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