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We should come back to this "news" release after Apple announces their numbers and see just how far off Gartner and IDC are.  Then watch how they both say that Apple is wrong about their numbers because they're not taking into account some mysterious losses that only they can track...
How about getting rid of the wires? In this age of wireless, I'm surprised Apple isn't working on a new bt headset. It's a market that has seen little innovation in my opinion, and one that could use Apple's prowess at battery management and aesthetic design.
Are you suggesting I'm a troll or agitator?  I firmly agree with DED on many, including this, editorial.  My point is that preaching to the choir is one thing and asking Gartner themselves why they're writing what they write does nothing to expose the truth.  Perhaps Daniel is trying to get big media to bite on his articles, but I've never seen his pieces anywhere outside of the mac-centric tech sites.  
DED, instead of tweeting Gartner asking them why MSFT ported Office to iPad, you should be contacting big media.  You already know why Gartner posts the numbers they do - they're being paid to do so.  It has nothing to do with fact, and everything to do with trying to influence both consumer and financial markets, to the benefit of Gartner's customers (which coincidentally are competitors to Apple).   Of course big media won't publish your editorials because they're not...
Yes, they're doing it to simply throw Samsung off, and get them to invest in something they too have no use for. Brilliant, Apple.
So what exactly is the point of wrapping your already aluminum iPhone with a "bumper" of aluminum? It can't be anything other than personalization, right? Because it just doesn't make sense to me. Not that I don't appreciate the effort that went into making it, or the look, which is great, but how is it adding anything to the iPhone?
I find that both too wet and too dry fingertips causes recognition issues.  I am on my third 5s (first was color exchange, the second bricked) and the sensor seems to work better than the first two phones.  It's a pretty much seamless experience - I hardly ever have to key in my access code. I wish my iPad and various Macs had a similar feature - beats the heck out of keying in passwords.
Why don't we all pass this article along to the mass press - NBC, CNN, Fox, etc. and call out IDC for what amounts to a bogus article knocking Apple for something they should NOT be doing, making anything and selling it at a loss for the almighty market share number...   Shills like IDC and Gartner are simply promoting the companies who are writing them checks, trying to make Apple (who doesn't pay them) look bad.  And I would bet that they have some connections to...
It's got to be tough - to be a company stuck holding up a big portion of the enterprise IT market, unable to change even if they wanted to.  MS can't change how they do things because they have created this monster that is enterprise IT - those people working directly in EIT and the multitude of businesses built specifically around servicing this market will not change.  There is too much at stake for all the stakeholders in EIT.   It's why IT departments fought the use...
I'm betting that Google wanted Tony, not Nest or Protect.  Sure, the connected home will at some point in the future be meaningful dollars-wise for lots of businesses, but a thermometer and smoke detector (at the very high end of the market) are not likely to drive enough volume to make it worth $3B.
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