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Thinking that there was something wrong with the iPod Ms. Wilson / Tucker had, she bought iPod after iPod, hoping that each new one would be able to play 17 Real songs she owned...but alas, Apple's monopolistic business practices related to not playing competitors DRM locked file formats, she ended up using each iPod as a paperweight.  
As much as it would be great to have the law firm bringing the suit get its ass kicked for fraud, they'll simply claim their client did not tell them the truth and they'll walk away, a few dollars lighter for what they spent working the bogus case, but that will be about it. The American legal system is rife with fraud and it's difficult to separate and point fingers at either those hiring the attorneys, or the attorneys themselves.
GTAT thought they had to make big promises in order to secure an order from Apple, which is in all likelihood, true. It's a classic, "be careful what you wish for" scenarios, where getting what you think you want can be the thing that kills you. I've worked hard over the past decade building a product that most people though was impossible and the thing I heard over and over was "Go get the orders, to prove the product is something people want", as if selling the product...
These reports, while they may be accurate as far as numbers go, cannot be accurate in regards to the 6 , as constrained supply automatically skews the numbers for at least some people who go shopping for a 6 , but choose the 6 because it's the only available option. I'm guessing a similar thing may be occurring with regard to storage capacity. I know I wanted a 6 64gb, but took the 128gb, because that it what they had.
Downloading now - hopefully it will be a new (fixed) build and not the same DP GM I'm running now, because it has an uncontrolled memory leak with Mail that has forced me to use unibox.
Schmidt, of course, is going to promote his company, at any expense and deny any wrong-doing.  The problem is, he's saying things that are just not correct (generally a lie or at best an evasive non-answer) and at some point a reporter is going to call him on these things.  Not that it will have any effect on him personally or Google in the whole, as they'll simply have their PR firm spin things to make it seem like Schmidt wasn't saying what he said.   At least this is...
I am still making some minor tweaks to my new real wood wrap for the 6 and 6+.  Helps significantly reduce the slippery feel of the phone, which reminds me of how the 4 felt when it was released.  What's great about it is that it doesn't change the overall form of the iPhone, as it's really more of a wrap than a case.
The idea of having an on-demand gadget delivery service seems a bit strange. What exactly are the statistics on shoppers who buy gadgets? How many a year are people buying? Are they buying select brands? The thing with Uber is that once they've gotten past the new customer acquisition cost, it's very likely the new customer will use the service more than once and if like me, they'll use it regularly. That's where the payoff is. I know personally, I'm not buying but a...
I like the commercial - for all sorts of reasons, but I like the look, functionality and uniqueness of my real wood wrap more.  I've got both top and bottom wrapped with wood - not only does the Apple logo glow through the wood, but the wood (cherry in this case) changes over time, takes the abuse that the aluminum would normally take and doesn't effect the size of the MacBook Air I have it on.  
I think the reason people chide Amazon is because they seem to get preferential treatment from the investment community, especially compared to Apple.  So when Amazon gets hit by investors, Apple people feel like there is some justice happening.  Frankly, I feel the same way.  Apple gets punished when they make record profits because why?  Amazon, like Microsoft and even Google, seem to have a Wall Street following that likes when they lose money and show no real way...
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