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I'm guessing the ad was created by an agency who, undoubtably, use Macs. Perhaps as their own poke at MS? Regardless, this is one of those things that should not have gotten past all the people who must have had their names on check boxes for reviewing the ad. DED should be sending this piece along to a few of the major news outlets - would be funny to see how MS responds.
My guess is they don't want people seeing just how few iPad mini retina's they have in stock when they hit the stores.  That would be fodder for the competition.
Although I'm really tempted to get a new iPad Air, with the weight and form factor the biggest reasons why I want one, the battery life is what is pushing me to a new MacBook Air instead. To get 12 hours on an mba where I can not only be consuming info, but more easily generating it, seems like a no-brainer to me right now. I get it's a completely different thing, but given I have an ipad 4 and a 2011 13" mba (that only sees 4-5 hours of battery life), the mba looks to be...
I'm not sure how the problem could be with typing text, given the only letters close to the edge are Q and P.  I'm sure there are apps where buttons could be in problematic areas, but I've seen no issues on my 5s.  Even swiping on web pages to go back and forth show no issues for me, where you have to start at the very edge of the screen.
I'm quite sure they're not working hard at it - it just comes naturally to so many at MS. I wonder if it hurts to work there - actual physical pain, not just the mental anguish I imagine many face.
I bet MS thought that just as Apple does mild refreshes where they use the existing design and simply improve certain specs, that they could get away with doing the same thing with the Surface.  Like it was perfectly designed to begin with...why change something that's perfect already? I feel bad for those people who feel like they have to support MS's efforts (while bashing Apple's).  MS is certainly not doing themselves or anyone any favors with respect to both their OS...
I have to say that visually, the Surface looks like the screen from a netbook or small form factor laptop, while in landscape mode.  In portrait mode, it just plain looks wrong in your hands.  It's far too skinny to be representative of a book or magazine.  It's clear MS did not think through its use as a tablet - they're simply saying it could be used like a tablet, but the real use is as a small form laptop / netbook replacement.   The tapered edges look cheap to me,...
I'm guessing it's the obvious that Apple is talking about in a lot to cover.  A lot of products, that is.  New iPad, iPad mini, MacBook Pro's, Mac Pro, Cinema Display, Mavericks release.   We've already seen the new iPad covers, nothing new or stunning there.  I doubt Apple has figured out a larger iPad, but maybe.  Not sure they need to offer that up - yet.  They can talk up A7 processor and fingerprint scanner and new screens (IGZO maybe) and these things along would...
The new model will be a big upgrade just because of the form factor, IMHO. The tapered back is just not easy to hold on to. The flat back of the mini is so much better. Hopefully they can shed some weight off the full sized ipad as well. Maybe add in the fingerprint sensor and I can't imagine how they'll improve it beyond that.
I'm surprised Delta would even go out on a limb like this and state they're making the switch, without first getting clearance from the FAA and second, having operational devices with which to do initial testing. Seems like this has the potential to really go badly for both MS and Delta - should the device not get clearance from the FAA and/or the device not work similarly to the iPad.
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