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 Yes!   I love MacBookAir also because there are no stickers on it (all windows laptops look just dirty because of those stickers). Now, why would they put a Facebook sticker in OS X? 
Still, Apple offers no configuration of that integration. For people who does not want each time the do somethig see facebook logo - this whole integration thing sucks.
What's the difference? Only a name.
So, if you usually earn 100 million on a product. I violate patents, copy your product, sell it with a price 2 times lower than you (because I saved on R&D, and because I am satisfied with lower margin). I earn 25 million. But since my product is so cheap compared to yours, consumers chose my product over yours. You earn 25 million.   You lost 75 million, because I lured customers to give 25 millions to me instead.     Now as per your logic, you agree that I pay you only...
Informative and interesting article. Thank you.
Is it sarcasm? than a bad one. Or ore you just too young? to remember that there were touchscreen devices at least 5-7 years before iPhone was introduced.
Cloud computing has started appearing deffinetly less than 10+ years ago. What is 'cloud based email'? Do you mean you were using external provider with the email client on their server accessable through web? (Online/web mail). That has nothing to do with a cloud.
The discovery in App Store sucks. After I have downloaded over 600 Apps over the years, I am sick to see only those apps which I already have in their top listing. I wish I could filter those which I already have out. Better sorting features. E.g. when you sort by rating on iPad (on iPhone it is not possible), the store 'forgets' your sorting very soon. There are other filter and sorting options I wish they had...
Right, spending on R&D billions and then letting other company save on R&D and set the price on their exact same product lower. /s
Cover flow is very limiting, so is probably your experience with music/audio file management. You probably have just a handful of albums.  Cover flow is one of the most useless views. (Album Grid in Musicbee is my preference). My audio library has around 900 Albums and more than 20.000 tracks.  Well, for such a collection (many people have even more) iTunes is useless too.Bad music management, bad tagging options etc. Thanks god there are some decent pieces, like Musicbee...
New Posts  All Forums: