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Glossy screens aro really bad. At least for my eyes and (some other persons). I have eye strain and headache after 2 hours of working on the screen of HP Pavilion dv7. My eyes are tired then 2 more days, and it is difficult to have everything in sharp focus. While on the normal non-glossy panel I can work for 12-14 hours per day without any problems (only get normally tired). I do not wear eye glasses. My sight is still very good. But I doubt it would take long to worsen...
His iMac screen is just too glossy...
Research Shows the Importance of Imagination in Children's Cognitive Development http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1000...l?mod=djemWMPh or http://ets.dowjones.com/trk/click?re...34ba0dx141612&
That's true. However, I have posted it as a joke and also wanted you to make it 841 I still hope, and want to make a small contribution to my own hope. Otherwise, I will just got, maybe in a year, almost no interest to apple at all. But for now - I want matte apple.
http://macmatte.wordpress.com/ Write it down here.
Thanks, myapplelove. Appreciate your feedback. Have registered only because wanted to reply... I was too emotional
Your 3 statements are not reasonable: 1. What did you do to contribute and change? It least those guys are trying to make things better, make the difference. 2. Cocaine sells even more. "Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform (or pause and reflect)." - Notebook, 1904, Mark Twain" Additionally, they (Apple) would have made even more money and more sales (simply because I would have bought it ) if thy were offering matte option. 3. This...
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