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It is not about the logic. It is about convention. If every one (90% of people) refers to it as iPhone 5, then it is a nome it is most comfortable to use in the communication. (How it really be named  - no one knows).
Like a mirror? You do not agree with a term? And if you are critisizing the naming (or something else) propose your naming (solution). Because without a solution - that is what you do - bitc5ing.   You try to define a mirror like something what reverses right and left. But this is not the main definition of what mirror is. 'Reversion' is an effect of 'reflection', but it is not a main 'feature' of the mirror. The better definition of mirror is for example...
Couple of years ago in the news there was other information about some 'god-people'.  Don't put that religion did something good. Religion blinds. Are you blind?
Could get all ISPs and government to decide what you can access, download, read on the internet. And if you think that all P2P are used only for illegal activity - you are wrong again.
  F%ck. I currentnly have only Spotlight icon and Airfoil. (no clock etc.).  I do not want to have another icon. F%^&
yeah! Potential is limitless
yep. they were in running for this one, since finally they can use it on their network
Somebody posts on AI. Whatever.
That would mean - replace the home button with the new on one of the edges. Also this would probably mean a redesign of the top - where the proximity sensor, front-facing camera and a phone-speaker are located. If any of this happens - there would be very much unused space on the front panel. Are they going to shrink the iphone? (because making a 'higher' screen is very unlikely because of the battery life. If they shrink iPhone - also a question where they put the...
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