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Just let's go with "AppStore" and not "App Store" or "app store". Is it how MS planning to make money in the future?
1) Verizon 2) who wants 3GS? It doesn't sound as cool as iPhone 4.
Still - why do you need an approval of the government to expand a BOOK STORE? I think the article is not precise enough on what exactly the government did and why it was necessary. Bad article?
Obvious - does not mean that you have a prove. Unless you have a prove (and settled it in a court) it is only a speculation. Even in case of the violation you need to see what are the requirements by law to do about it (in a particular country). Most likely, Apple follows the letter of law on that matter. So why any one here suggest what apple should be doing? Run your own company. Or go to Congress to change the law (in US) if you think it is appropriate.
? So that they won't have the billions in cash anymore? You definitely do not own any Apple shares...
You both misunderstand who creates/delivers the content/merchandise. Your views are too simplistic. And how should it work? I see, you imagine it so that apple will require from each developer a copy of patents, confirmation that they come up with original idea (and still then it is not 100% that they would not be taken to a court room by some one who holds another patent). Tell us, how should they do it? How for example you would prove to Google that you have all rights...
How obvious was it to you? ?? And how could they have checked if the company which brings the app into AppStore has or has not the rights to distribute these books?So, please, tell us, how did you come to conclusion, that this was some kind of violation? Tell us, by which review process could Apple have concluded that it was a violation? Is this process a part of the current review? What makes you "believe" that Apple knew about it? Just because you thought that is...
Ethernet - no way. Apple wants everything to be wireless. It is for folded USD bills.
Crap. Movies not in HD (1080). Music not in FLAC (or other losless). Why should I buy this media?? Only Infinity Blade has good graphics. Yeah, I finished it yesterday. Killed the God King when I was in 5th blood line.
New Posts  All Forums: