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90s were so ugly....
So I need to press Shift in order not to type in Caps?
I thought they were made in China
> already started work on a new game for the Mac > clearly the best applications are the ones where the screen is a window onto a world that you can touch. So, why does it say that he started to work on a game for Mac? Mac?
Dunno. Have not seen iPad in wild. However, iPhone was the first smartphone which I could use in a direct sunlight.Is it a new magical technology - core screen? I heard only about LCD, LED... etc.Meant to be? Where did you get this information.Absolutely! All those glare. My eyes can't deal with it.http://macmatte.wordpress.com/
What a surprise, those shiny things suppose to work? And how many times was it "iMac after iMac"? And wasn't it already known that there are problems with the screen (and many other problems)? PHP Code: http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/2010/01/apple-internally-acknowledges-more-27-imac-screen-issues.ars 
If everything runs good, Steve can be for the next 10 year a CEO of the year. So they hope there is time...
You mean, no e-mail, no calendar, no iDisk?
I remember I have tested their "service". It was so buggy, that I had no intention to pay them. Out of the top of my head: - the order of contact groups was really messed up (not alphabetical, no order) - some calendars were not updating unless the page was refreshed manually - the problem with growing outlook file (MobileMe was corrupting the database in some way) - problem with 1 day shift of birthdays And I was testing different ways of syncing (from desktop and from...
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