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rrrrr.... I see, so you found that button that switches it to power-vibrate mode
Of course it is very frustrating to install all that tight security and control, so that iPhone 5, 6, 7... won't be leaked as iPhone 4 was.....
I won't be saying anything about the other quote you pulled out, only about mine. So my question and the fact that I contemplate on possible decisions and future trend and think about the alternatives and possibilities - all that process of thinking and speculation you call with 100% certainty a BS. You are probably very close to Steve that you can claim it with 100% certainty that there is no alternatives. By the way, I still has not heard from you, o great guru, what is...
Right. So having viruses and hackers using my main computing device is fine. I get it. Oh, and let me tell you my credit card number: 5486 2456 4426 2465, expiry date 12/12.
BTW, which Apps would you like to see in the Store? What apps are worth it, to let others to find them easily?Please share the info.
Yeah, it is often too hard to find something... That is why I am anticipating the App Store - I hope it will make it easier to find those deals for 3 USD And don't forget the shipping cost - so you are paying 3+5 USD
Yeah, go buy a software which costs 200 USD without trying it out first... These are not 0,79 cent Apps like on iPhoneThe purpose of demos and betas are different. Und free software maybe of even greater value (good quality on par with non free counterparts, +saved money), and this is sometimes really the case.And exactly because free apps are so popular - Apple does want to limit it - to make easier on their servers and increase return on investment.The question is...
You could be right. Just remember - there are different preferences. I see it also a waste of the shelf space, ofter the Software has been installed from DVD/CD. I would love to see Lion and App Store as well. It is actually what I am really looking forward to. It is going to be huge. HUGE!
good thinking! and after I got Atomic Web browser I often make it to be identified simply as a Safari (not Mobile) browser.http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/atomi...347929410?mt=8
Yeah, what a dumb idea that users can have access to what they need from anywhere in the world. Who needs it? /sarcasmAnd you can still have an iPad experience after Google will publish an App for its book store.... ;p
New Posts  All Forums: