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yes, me too
With WinMo starting as well..... I think that Android's growth will slow down a little. So maybe it is 2012?
I think Apple's strategy is more about getting new consumers and not retaining old (just look at monitor segment - professionals, those who were loyal to apple during its downfall, do not have now any choice of good NON GLOSSY screens (except 30") and iMacs). Forget about those 41%. Many of them stay with iPhone anyways.So 75% of Android users plan to ditch it next time because it is ..... not iPhone? Dude, you don't know what other questions were (e.g. plan to stick,...
In Germany 11-inch MacBook Air did not have any discount. I wanted to get one immediately after the release - but glossy screen Sony Vaio X series is still my choice, even though the processor is weaker.
Clearly - it is not only telephone loyalty - it is brand loyalty in general.
1199-999=200; 200/1199=16,6% not bad.
Do you mean that you live in a bigger bubble? Or just in a different one? Or do you assume that some one has their own and you (what a shame) has only a common-"sheep" bubble? I absolutely have no idea why are you explaining me what "vultures" is. Definitely there are people who constantly post negative things. And I don't take notice of any of such individual to remember them. So if you wanted my attention to any one who does so, you needed to be more specific. And who...
Whom are you talking to? It seems that you speak to some one but you did not specified. Those people are hysterical.... Or, I get it. They now can make iTunes purchases from iPad and listen to Beatles. And Oprah definitely does not read much (e.g. books) from this glossy screen... Do they (hosts of such shows) speak only about popular things or is that Apple who comes to them to make it popular? Disclaimer: I am very positive about Beatles going digital on iTunes.
I have 2 questions: Can it play Crysis? and Will it blend?
You are right about Apple not caring how much people were "disappointed". When so many are happy..... 8 days a week. Some how I feel however, you have posted in the first threat (after official announcement was made) how disappointed you were and how high your expectations were.
New Posts  All Forums: