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Great idea. This is how Apple thinks as well. You "save" and after that you spend it again, on Apple product.
Interesting thoughts.
Exactly. They just steal... And all haters, and all negative people and their comments.... "Let THEM be".
Does any one thinks about how many hard work for Apple was it to get it to iTunes? And let me ask - what should it has been in order not to disappoint so many people? Tell me! And if you think that the word "exciting" used in a text on Apple's side was an exaggeration - you misinterpret then what the magical revaluation is, boom. Of course there are many other, and even (arguably) more talented, bands. Were and are they so influential. Not a fan and don't have any songs...
Exactly! I am not going to buy any of this. But it is so symbolic - one of the most significant and influencial groups of 20th century coming to the iTunes, or should I say to digital world (officially). (And I don't care that there were special USBs...).
1 PB would be sexy. By the way, no information about Sustained Write Speed? It is often 2 times slower than the maximum speed.
I thought Apple said that it was their design, not anyone's else (like ARM).
iPhone is a magical device which will solve all your problems, including you - T-Mobile.
Hell, what functionality? I touch-type (on Dvorak, and previously on QWERTY). I pitty those who speaks about backlit function - they are so unproductive. (well, me too, when I read AppleInsider )
Well, but the bug makes the alarm go 1 hour AFTER the time it was set. Who knows which algorithm the use for timing...
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