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Can some one please axplain, why the Ribbon is "Ugly" and how the Mac solution is better (given that they offer less features, as I can tell). In simple words, possibly with an example. I frankly, do not see any difference / advantage what iWorks offers.
I am too European - have forgotten about this. Thanks for reminding.
It is still cheaper than e.g. in Italy where it costs 779 EUR for the top model.
Strange that in Germany there was no Turkey Import (only UK and Italian)
Yeah, finally. One thin what I have been anticipating for 3 Months. My colleague bought UK import 4 weeks ago. He is now because of the more than 100 EUR difference. I bought it yesterday on Wednesday in Apple store. The guys who sold me seemed to be also happy that the can sell it without a contract Moreover, O2 had really problems with it - more people than they have anticipated were activating Micro-Sim cards (like me). Site for SIM activation was unavailable...
It is not getting rid of Java, check your sources.
or the SUPPLY is the LOWEST.
Yeah, and then one day the Sun will be more active than usual and you won't be able to access your data at all. This will start the new revolution.
Considering that we don't know for sure when the iPhone 5 is going to be released...
nice, again and again the security for apple fails. Even though, we still can sleep soundly, because Apple does not have the viruses as everything else.... At least it was in the commercial...
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