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Why would they give a shit? Apple isn't secretive because they are a bunch of paranoid control freaks, they are secretive to protect forthcoming products - this stuff is all in the past.   Samsung are so fucked.
These tear-downs are bullshit. If parts and manufacturing cost $155 then the price to the end user would have to be between $300 to $450 before there was any hope of making a profit.
Well this question is beyond dumb. I'll let you work out the logical flaw of the inference.   Christensen is a pretty amazing person actually. His company is called Innobits I think.
It's sad to see people lose their jobs but it's a fact of life and something we all face from time to time. They're all well-educated intelligent people and no doubt some of them will take the opportunity to start their own successful businesses. It's also hard for top management but they are extremely well compensated and frankly it's their fucking job to observe the way the world rotates and have the courage to pivot in time. The "innovator's dilemma" is such a common...
Toast. There's no coming back from this. Next up - Nokia.
What videos? There's nothing there.
It's not a start-up - they've been around for many years. Good and useful but niche software. One can see the fit into Logic/Garageband
There is no question of competing with the Kindle Fire. It would be a pointless race to the bottom -let Amazon fight that market with all the other wanabees - somebody has to. I could see a 7" happening but it's not a game changer and presumably it would need the new factories in Brazil to get up to full speed. Apple problem is not selling stuff - it's making it. Now what would be a game-changer?... a 15" iPad. Many new use cases not presently covered. Ponder that one...
They don't touch the screens and the 'tablets' aren't moved at all (mainly because there is a 16mm film projector underneath providing the 'feed')
I think most people will be very receptive to this update. The shitstorm that is about to erupt on the cinematography blogs will be a sight to behold however. They really don't like change those geezers.
New Posts  All Forums: