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These screen shots are obviously real. Looking forward to it.
This is actually great news.
Oh ohh, somebody is actually paying attention. You are giving the internet a bad name Mr Wiz. Javascript engine tweaking is a battleground right now and the Safari group are working wonders. I suspect the integration of Nitro into the web view kit will be the responsibility of the iOS group who will have a somewhat different agenda and timetable - and testing requirement. One has to take the sarcastic fuckers at the Register with a pinch of salt. In the UK they would be...
Comprehensive HDSLR and RED R3D support are a must. I don't care what interface changes there are as long as a) the whole JKL editing style remains and b) they succeed in allowing a super-smooth FCP-Motion-FCP-Color-FCP type workflow. Comprehensive hardware acceleration is also a must and its about time we saw the Shake derivative appear. iPhone/Touch/Pad control surface integration surely. There'll be laughter, there'll be tears but it'll be exciting stuff.
The Daily Mail is NOT a third 'source'. It's an aggregator like every other tabloid. They have no real reporters.
Grandstanding BS. Not going to happen. As far as Apple are concerned, if you don't like the stellar share price performance please take your money elsewhere.
But this is exactly the point. Apple are keeping the Job's health story as minimal as possible. Can you imagine the media furore that would/will erupt if/when Cook was/is announced as CEO? It may may be the topic of conversation of serious investors but in the real world it is not having an effect on sales. Apple is not particularly focussed on investors - as long as growth is maintained that's pretty much the end of their obligations as far as they are concerned.
The traditional/institutional investor surely still sees Apple as being unduly under the influence of one man. While the future of that person is uncertain, the future of the company is uncertain. So while performance is stellar (and has been for 19 quarters?) there is still some discounting of future growth and the resultant P/E compression. Now, as Followers of the Fruit we know that person will eventually be succeeded - however we also know that Apple has some key...
Well, first off I am the one that decides on the content of my posts.2. The only insult that it contained was the suggestion that you are an apologist for the carriers because of a personal connection. I couldn't imagine any other reason. This clearly hit a nerve. Do you deny you have a personal connection with a wireless carrier? You are a sales droid in a phone shop perhaps?
Except that Apple doesn't tell them what subsidy to give or data rate to charge. They tell them what the phone costs; so your analogy doesn't work either. You must have some personal connection to a network provider since no sane person could possibly defend these douchebags*. *Americanism used for the purposes of alliteration
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