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I'm sure there would be all sorts of wailing and gnashing of teeth but I wish Apple would just buy some bloody mobile networks. Surely this is where it's going? The Google network and the Apple network. I leave you to characterise what those two services will be like. Oh and thanks for stepping up solipsism
Sensible solution. No drama.
The Xserves have served their strategic purpose. Apple will survive. Move along.
This is a MUCH more credible takeover target. Huge mindshare in Europe and the service works very well. The record companies don't like it because Spotify are paying Radio level fees but essentially killing record sales (including iTunes). The US record companies are resisting strongly. Users love it of course.
Ho boy.... There is a fundamental difference between software which is the raison d'etre for buying a machine and utility software for which you already have a machine. Safari and iTunes are strategic parts of the Apple ecosystem - part of the core project (and they use webkit) Why would be Apple be interested in supporting millions of lines of legacy code in the diverse PC universe ? How would that promote the Apple ecosystem? No it doesn't make sense - which is why it...
Well if you are an actual financial investor you clearly haven't done your homework. A lot of people here understand the Apple mindset and know that this is a deal that simply won't happen under Steve's watch. Buying Adobe might make more sense but that isn't going to happen either. The fallout that would hit Apple for killing off the Windows business (which they would undoubtedly do), would be extremely toxic. Now that Apple are on top they need to look after their...
Good fun an'all but it's never going to happen. There's no upside for Apple. They would have to kill off half the company that they had just paid for. Corporate mergers of that size are never good in the long term; they only occur to enrich the respective boards. Apple's not interested in that sort of nonsense.
This was flagged to developers months if not years ago. The platform simply isn't important to Apple's future and isn't worth the engineers to maintain. It's up to Oracle if they want it to survive.
Nothing to do with Android. Rationalises the rules to allow the various gaming engines and code converters (whilst keeping out Flash) ahead of any trade body investigations.
Very nice piece of work. Some of the films have hi-res poster downloads too.
New Posts  All Forums: