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Two factors; Apple are getting pissed with Intel, and OpenCL- Nvidia dragging their heels.
Yeah, available to anyone who signs up for the free developer account. More liberal than before. I don't think Apple care about the opposition anymore, they just want to encourage as many people as possible to give development on the Mac/iDevices a go. Be warned though, its full-on geek
It's the jurisdiction in which the crime was committed you silly goose.
Inevitable action on the cop's part after all the publicity. In the end I think Gizmodo will pay for this in some way; Nick Denton could blog from Jail.
Apple is unlikely to buy ARM. SJ is fully aware how a takeover of that size would cause all sorts of unwelcome distractions to a company that prides itself on laser-like focus. Apple is however seriously concerned with the activities of Google and may want to take a large defensive holding in one of the companies it presently relies on. In the end however I actually think this is a stock manipulation rumour from some bastard in the City of London.
To imagine this is plant by Apple is utterly retarded. Its clearly real - whether its the final form or not we shall see... but really, what on earth would be the point of Apple dropping it? Because Apple has a real problem getting publicity? Because they won't sell every single unit they can make come launch? Ridiculous and juvenile.
Let the paranoid conspiracy theories abound! Its clearly real and somebody's fucked up. It's made a buying decision easy for me but I always feel a little sad when these things leak. Steve so loves his reveals.
Steve's iPad 'Garden of Perfection' will not be sullied with the stench of cross-compilers. (It makes my life a little harder but its perfectly understandable) All philosophical and business arguments aside, anybody who understands how the Cocoa frameworks function can see why they have done this. Pretty well everything you use (numbers, text, constants etc) has to be wrapped in a Cocoa object and that allows all sorts of magic to occur behind the scenes; now including...
Silly boy...
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