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Loyal yes, stupid no. You however...
Would those who balked at the idea of them selling 4 million in the first year now come and apologise?
You have just described the entire internet. MacRumours never posts anything to drive traffic
Damn! I wish I thought of that putdown. I may have to use that elsewhere. Excellent work Good article form Daniel. I'm old enough to remember most of the events of the Prince's history lessons.
http://mattgemmell.com/2010/02/05/ho...pete-with-ipad Excellent piece. Read and learn.
Bullshit. There is an excellent Mac ecosystem. The number of Mac developers is increasing all the time. More and more hi-end software is making the transition - the latest announcement being SolidWorks. The The iPhone/iPad phenomenon can only increase the number of Mac developers dramatically. 90% of computers over $1000 sold in retail are Macs. You don't understand what you are talking about. You purpose here is clearly simply to annoy.
Well that applies to every piece of electronics in your home - plus the loans to buy it...
Holy crap! Never again will us Apple fanbois have to endure taunts of style over substance. That interface is just ridiculous. The hyperactive animations are SO annoying. "Gee. Those animations on the new Apple iPhone are cool. Lets AMP THEM UP TO 11!" Everything jiggles, twists, bounces, rotates; FOR NO REASON! Pointless eye-candy to the Max. Seriously ridiculous. I understand the rationale behind the 'motion' and the 'floating' (kids of today, the 'cloud' etc) interface...
Marketing mock-ups and spec documents. MS trying to stay in the game long enough to actually ship a useable product - or rather their 'partners'. Wake me up when I can actually experience the magic for myself, (after iPhone OS4, iPhone 4 and iPad of course) By the way there's no multitasking for 3rd Party apps or support for Flash - though I suspect Adobe will be on the HTML/Javascript bandwagon by then.
Oy To be fair there really is no alternative for these companies. They must unite their code bases to have any chance of (giving the impression to their shareholders that they are) competing with Apple. But its all self-defeating. If you are a developer, what ever you think of Apple, you know at the very least that they have a total commitment to developing the Cocoa Touch OS for the next 10 years. Where will these other mobile OS's be in 12 months never mind 10 years?
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