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Adobe today announced an Air environment that will work on mobiles, including the iPhone. Since you can publish to Air from Flash OR use HTML/Javascript I'm assuming Adobe will be going the HTML route with mobile Air for iPhone. Very sensible. Now we need a kick-ass authoring environment from Adobe for HTML5. Daniel has actually published some excellent long-form technical articles in the past. Its not all rumour and spec. I am amazed to see real, live actual people...
It'll take a few years but Flash as a proprietary 'standard' is over. Adobe realise that iPhone/iPad platform will have enough mindshare for everyone to want their site to be compatible. Its happening already. If they want Flash to retain dominion they need to open-source that fucker right now and concentrate on making the Flash editor a first class application. Unfortunately that would expose the appalling code mess that I suspect it is. Adobe will attempt to engineer...
Methinks this is total trolling by Oflife
These days IBM makes its money by selling specialised management consultancy services. It then sells the systems and hardware on the back of that. One of their main markets is 'Big Pharma'. It will have become blindingly obvious that the iPad is going to be a huge hit in medical vertical markets. on the ward and in research depts. There are deals to be done. Pretty smart move by IBM. I'm starting to get that tingly feeling about the iPad release.
Pah... this iTunes thing will never catch on...
Come on guys it's the hat we need to know about. Somebody get on it.
tekstud, is that really you? Great to have you back! Now fuck off...
These stats are more like it. More in tune with the reality we are aware of. I would be surprised if Nokia aren't massaging their smartphone figures a little.
You're a idiot. The 'power user' of the Mac world is a media professional. They will be first in line for this device, me included. Can you work out why dumbfuck?
Iceberg is great. Should be awsomer on the iPad
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