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The comparison with the razr is of course completely spurious. It was popular because of the form-factor, the OS was as shit as always. The iPhone is a platform and functionality increases hour by hour. What the figures show is that there is still a huge potential upside for Apple as people move into the (loosely defined) smartphone market.
The TROLLS are out already I see. Completely missing the point as per usual.
The iPad is only half the equation - the cloud is the other shoe and that should drop 2011-12 I would think. (Apple will have learnt a lot from the monumental cock-up that was Mobile Me )
Absolutely on-the-button oh wise one.
There's no need to do anything particularly special for the Chinese market. As long as Apple maintains the constant development push and the Apple brand values are maintained, China is a market that will eventually come to Apple. If Apple is still going strong in 10 years, China will be worth billions to it.
I'm not a nice person. Your ignorance is not my problem.
OK. I realise you are playing stupid just to wind me up but I'll give you one for free - try reading a full page of script in portrait mode on a laptop; while standing up, in a field. Now flick to the new revisions on page 20 and hand it across to 'the talent' to have a quick look; now.........
There really is a shocking lack of imagination being shown towards this device on the interwebs which is at first saddening to see. I think however that it is probably just an indication of the fact that this is the first time this product type has ever been done in a half useable way. Personally I was sold on the concept fifteen years ago when StarTrek Voyager first aired...
You have clearly never been on a film or TV set. The number of laptops people are carrying around for various tasks these days is just ridiculous. The iPhone has now become essential for the director and cameraman - and not as a phone. I can think of a dozen uses in that context off the top of my head but you will have to work them out for yourself.
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