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I'll say it again; this thing is going to absolutely take off in vertical markets: hotels, film & TV, medical, music & recording, venue management, trucking etc... Why? because there are already thousands of registered iPhone OS developers in those fields. The increased screen real estate has the potential for serious leverage of existing assets.
No imagination people, as per usual. It will sell well over 4 million in the first year I guarantee it. Quadra 610 iCal that would you? I got the name wrong (I didn't think they would really go for iPad!) I got the processor wrong, though in fairness it is based on the ARM design Size and form factor were what I expected though I thought the screen would be 2:3 like the iPhone. At first I balked at the large bezel but it makes sense once the thing is people's...
Of course it wasn't a planned leak. What possible reason could Apple have to screw Steve's presentation? If it was intentional by Mr McGraw-Hill then he fucked up royally.
I expect McGraw-Hill had a segment in tomorrow's presentation. Now they don't.
Oh dear. How wrong can you be? (quite a lot obviously )
This post makes no sense at all
If you couch your predictions in your own terms then you will always be right. This is the central pillar of your self-delusion. Of course it will be like a larger iPod Touch you moron - what the hell else would it be like? A bicycle? Of course it will use a version of the App Store. No one has ever seriously suggested otherwise, certainly not me. You announce it as is if it's some big fucking revelation.
Haven't the rules changed to allow opting out of GAAP in certain sectors, of which iPhone sales would be one?
Its just a fan rendering - nobody is suggesting that's what it actually looks like In fact what it looks like is pretty much the least interesting aspect of the device.
But inside you're very sad aren't you? Like a little boy. Because you need to show the world that you're a big man you shout very loud and get angry and stamp your feet and imagine that only you know the truth.
New Posts  All Forums: