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Interesting assertion by the WSJ. The wife and I were actually talking about this today. She wants one, but not all the time. Its going to be pricey ($900 minimum, God knows how many of the Queen's pounds) so we'll 'share'. I shall monopolise it naturally but its interesting that we genuinely did talk about this. My Kool Aid kup runneth over.
Get to bed now. You've got school in the morning... and don't forget your meds!
The analysis is nonsense; clearly a Google-inspired plant to counteract the obviously Apple-planted rumour. Its just games. Apple wants Google to know that they are seriously pissed and no longer BFF's
If iPhone OS4 could run on older phones, it would. It won't be called iPad.
Your posts have a pattern now I realise. They start with a fact that you have read somewhere; followed by an assertion that is simply wrong; followed by a conclusion that is breathtaking in its stupidity. Nobody can be such an idiot. I now suspect that you are in fact merely playing with the boring conventions of logic, wisdom, common sense etc and that we should all recognise and bow before your genius. I await your next prose-poem with barely contained anticipation.
Dual A9's and iPhone OS 4. Absolutely. Haven't we done this already?
Very likely. iPhone/Touch? 3G/WiFi only?
You are imagining that people give a shit about what the specs of the machine are. That's not what this is all about. You need to get your head around that simple truth. Form-factor, novel functionality and thriving ecosystem are what this is all about.
It'll be $800 - $1200 without subsidies. Has to be. It'll sell at that price. Web cam is a shoo-in The Air is not a flop by the way. I don't why people imagine it is.
As are you.
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