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Just floating a little fantasy here... Is it not likely that Apple will have been very aware of the effect of IBM's announcement on PM and PB sales? Apple tend to be very hot on this sort of thing. Is it not likely that Apple will have been working with IBM on this chip(s) for over two years now, may have already shoved money in IBM's direction, and will certainly be the largest buyer? Is it possible that IBM have been 'conservative' and less than fully open in their...
Simple; eMac, iMac, iBook all G4 PowerMac, PowerBook, 970's The consumer machines are about cute form, ease of use, iApps etc. The Power line are about er...power. The All-in-Ones are not a dead format; that's a ludicrous troll statement. The LCD iMac's the best home PC I've ever had.
The iPod was not really in the same situation; there were not a dozen extremely well branded, experienced companies producing hundreds of models in a technologically advanced market. As you say Apple integrated the parts available to make a better whole. The innovation was in the design process which you can read about on Apple's site (I think).
I think you mean 'digress'. Anyway I think you are wrong Matsu. Internally the components on a Mac are generic to an extent but then who gives a toss who makes the PSU and disc drives? The motherboards, the case design and aesthetic style are unique as is of course the operating system. I don't believe there is any room for new entrants in the digital camera market unless they have a technological advantage, e.g. Foveon. Even then its going to be a struggle for survival.
You are absolutely correct Mr. Grey.
I'm sorry but I still believe this is total fantasy. From a business point of view I cannot imagine why Apple would enter a market that they cannot possibly compete in. From a technical point of view THE FOVEON CHIP IS NOT FAST ENOUGH FOR VIDEO USE.The video encode format has to be editable (ie: DV25) since that's the point of iMovie. The Toshiba discs are not yet hardy enough for contiuous use.
There is no way on earth that Apple will produce a still or DV camera. The idea that they could compete in any way in these markets is ludicrous. iFrame is it. People have the wrong idea about what this is for. Its not for hanging on the wall, its for carrying around and showing your friends and family. Just as digital camera replaces its analogue counterpart, the iFrame is for boring people with your pictures like you used to do with prints from the store. Plug it into...
The 17" iMac is a great piece of kit and is selling OK. A spec. bump in January and it'll be fine.
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