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I am willing to go to NY in June to get one of these, but my question is regarding the deal with Cingular. Does it mean that no iPhone will be available without a contract with Cingular? Is it locked? So if i bring it over to Europe, it wont wotk? Or the iPhones sold at the Apple Store are unlocked? If it is locked, why the hell do they do it ? Why do they want to sell 10 units (figure of speech) if they can sell 1000 ? Txs a lot Vasco
I haven´t done so much photography lately, so it is natural that some of them coincide. Txs for looking and remembering. Vasco
Txs a lot. Glad you liked it. I have another site called www.mindlooks.com but it was not done with iWeb. Txs for looking. vasco
Here is mine: www.zeroshots.com For those who like photography. Hope you like it. Vasco
Hey Paul, Where did you get those toolbar icons, partulary the last metal ones ? Thanks, VC
Hey I have used Omnidisksweeper on my OS X Panther Powerbook, but, unwisely I have deleted some - probably - important files that have caused all my crucial stuff to disappear (photos ; preferences; configurations; etc..) Is there any way to UNDO or RESTORE what I have done ? I haven't had much response when I post a "help" question here, but I hope i get some this time. txs Vasco
Hi, I have a powerbook g4 and am trying to have wireless acess around my house with the Linksys Wireless B Broadband Router and as I have no Airport Card, I am trying the Linksys USB Adapter. Anyone know how to configure my powerbook? Anyone know where to find drivers for Mac ? Txs a million Vasco
Hey, I have the img files 1 and 2. What now ? Should I burn them on a cd and start up with it ? Txs a lot VC
Thank you all guys. I will try some of the suggestions above. I will let you know« the results. Txs again ! vasco
Yes it is connected directly and yes, it is a direct ethernet connection. Txs vasco
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