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I agree with Scott, write down the wrong SSN. Nobody carries around SSN cards anymore (umm right?) so how would they be able to check? Either that or everytime you get up to the cashier say "oh darn, I forgot my club card!". Usually they'll punch in the store card for you. Or you could always pick pocket an old lady
If Apple releases something called th iPod "maxi" I will eat my own fist.
No...OpenDoc was an old Apple framework created as a competitor to OLE for System 7.5. Remember Cyberdog? It was built on OpenDoc. Steve killed it shortly after he came back to Apple.
A link appears in your Inbox. It's on the left hand side, in red. Also, when you're reading or composing a message to a non-gmailer there is a link that says "Invite John Doe to GMail". I think Google is getting ready to release GMail to the general public soon. Just about all of my friends have started getting massive amounts of invites in a short period of time. I had a total of 8 so far and some of my friends have recently received 6 in one day!
Wow that was fast....they're all gone now. I'll post here again if I get anymore.
You got one too
Sent. They're going fast....anyone else?
I've got a few invites if anyone wants them.....anyone? anyone? Bueller?
When are you going to post the artistic one?
You can stop, start and restart apache from the command line with these commands: apachectl -k start apachectl -k stop apachectl -k graceful The last one is the best way to quickly stop and restart apache. I'm sure you could write an applescript to send those to the command line.
New Posts  All Forums: