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So... placing a GPS tracking device in the hand of every protester makes sense because... ??   Does the reach of the Iranian government fall short of their domestic telecoms?
This is awesome! I also agree that a full block on data collection for apps aimed at children 13 and under is the best solution.
Haven't been prompted to update Twitter in iOS as of yet...
Yes to all of that!!
  Whoa...   Saving unborn children from the wrath of an incurable disease is 'stupid'?   The HIV/AIDS cure conundrum is multilayered and deeply complex. HIV is a beautiful bug (if one has any insight into virology), and defeating it will take nothing short of a miracle.   Securing a chance for an entire generation to be born free of infection is a massive step towards gaining control. Spend some time in the Peace Corps, and you'll learn that many in Africa are complacent...
My issue with FaceTime is that my sister calls, I answer, and the FaceTime alert still beeps on my iMac even after I've picked up on my iPhone and we're conversing. -- What's up with that?
Note: Inwas agreeing to the Newstand comment. -- Makes more sense than iBooks.
Agreed! They would have to implement a subscription model, but the experience of automatically receiving the comics I desire, all in one place, would be amazing!
I don't know why they don't link the barcode directly to our iTunes associated credit card. The whole 'card loading' thing is a needless pain in the ass.
And so it begins...
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