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...as well as the cost of compensating and managing all of the people who touch it between receipt and the bank deposit.
You have to use credit in order to build credit, so I fail to understand how you went about securing a credit score that is higher than anyone on this board by building credit in only 'very rare cases'.Getting Saturday off to a good start with the bold and ignorant assertions...
The complaints about "losing" Google maps make no sense to me. It's an iPhone people, the Internet is literally in your hands. http://maps.google.com
Is there precedence for a ruling like this?
There is no 'correct' version of English. -- And the OED clearly defines 'center,' as well as 'centre.'I'd also submit that 'unaccented' is a rather loaded term: it's highly subjective.No, it doesn't irk me; not even a little.The OED defines World English and American English, which I find perfectly suitable given the natural separation of the terms, implications, and nuances of each in common usage.What a silly thing to get twisted over.
Game Center, like App Store and iTunes, is a branding of platform and service that was named in the good ol' USofA.By your rationale, we'd have to localize iPad, iPhone, and all other branded words for each market, which is unnecessarily confusing to product identity.I was merely responding to the incidence of someone telling me that speakers of my language are doing it wrong. -- Which is an unfortunate sentiment, in my opinion.
I love when English speakers get all bent out of shape over regional dialects. -- Nothing like early morning bigotry to start your day off right!Apple is an American company. -- American English is to be expected.AMERICA!!
Did a monkey write this piece? Actually, let me take that back. -- No need to be unfairly offending monkeys.
Ouch! I'm glad to see our governing bodies actually taking a measurable stance in defense of our privacy. Hopefully this will send a clear message.
To paraphrase a member of said mob: I'll let you figure it out all by yourself.
New Posts  All Forums: