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Exactly.The only thing that incognito in Chrome does is prevent other people who have access to your terminal to see what you've been up to. All of the normal information harvesting that Google is famous for is still taking place.
You've made a leap in logic; that's not what I said.Not in the way that you would have us believe, no.
Mobs of idiots in agreement does not equate to proof of a genius decision.Popularity means nothing in terms of quality.
'bout time
Trading up Prime Minister for Taoiseach, and Gaelic for Gaelighe, and all the other funnies is called 'Gaelinglish' to us choppy Irish speakers. ;-)    
The Cards app would be rendered indispensable if it synced with your birthday calendar and gave you an alert 10 days before a listed birthday. -- I bet it would see far more use.
He clearly stated that he has considerable experience in libraries and research. Any user who claims to have considerable experience in libraries and research is not going to thank you for a useless recommendation to start searching via Google Scholar. Google Scholar is for high school research papers, general information literacy education, and research noobs who fail (or refuse) to understand that library resources FAR outpace Google Scholar results. Anything truly...
This all sounds pretty cool! I don't know how keen I am on having a "minimally flexible" screen, but I'm game for the sensation of keys and buttons.
As a library professional, much of my graduate-level education was centered upon intellectual freedom, the right to know, freedom of speech, and information access. This issue may have been completely circumvented by Apple's disabling of the hyperlink. -- Stating your source in a book is encouraged, protected and desirable. Connecting consumers to a purchasing platform outside of the platform that is supporting your work is distasteful, grey-area and less than...
I don't know what library system services your area, but there are over 20,000 digital offerings at my library, as well as a $350,000,000 project proposal for a central digital access point at the main branch. -- Digital libraries have been present for quite some time.
New Posts  All Forums: