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This. Yes. All of it.
Toggling on Gatekeeper gives even further reassurance that I won't unwillingly/unknowingly give a permission that exposes my computer to malicious intent. I am purely a personal user who has no business tinkering or playing under the hood. Everything Apple provides largely serves my needs, everything just works, and I invite these measures of quality assurance. I also very much appreciate that people with the knowledge or desire have the option of disabling Gatekeeper and...
Couldn't agree more!
This is significant! -- And it seems only fair. I'm definitely intrigued by what may come of the push services contention.
As a non-power user (or, whatever), I find nearly everything they've done in Lion to be a welcome treatment. The fluidity and intuitiveness with which I can apply my knowledge of one UI to the other surprises me, and I believe that the same must be true for the majority of users. The monochromatic greyscale is a non-issue, and my usage as a student/private consumer is in no way impacted by half of the things that are complained about here. -- My one and only gripe is the...
I agree.
Didn't expect a full .x update so quickly, but the iCloud integration and the Messages app sound particularly awesome! :-)
I hope that whatever TV functionality they muster in terms of OS that it can (and will) be embedded in future iMacs. My 27" is already the focal point of my NYC studio, and I'm a huge fan of the all-in-one beauty of the concept.
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