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AppleTV remote?
Why own an iPhone then?
Relevant, yes. Cause for bemoaning, avoidance of purchase and other such extremes; no.
All this arguing against the cloud and citing overpriced data plans; everyone's aware that the iPhone has Wi-Fi connectivity built in, yes?
Twitter is actually an amazing platform. -- There is no expectation to be present in real-time; it is highly informative when following news, FEMA, CDC during hurricanes; it allows you an inside perspective on artists, writers, actors; it keeps you abreast of your friends... it's good stuff. The only issue with it is the over-sharing, mindless sharing and attempted marketing that takes place. But the beauty of that is simply "unfollow". When used for things other than...
I believe that you are largely underestimating storm surge potential. If Manhattan floods, it's not going to be sea water pouring down the streets, it's going to be the raw sewage of the most densely populated metropolitan city in the country. -- Wade home through that! As an NYC resident, and a first-response volunteer in NOLA post Katrina, I appreciate the urgency with which our government officials have addressed the storm. Getting 300,000+ people out of flood zones and...
The city of New York has been preparing its populace for a storm that was previously classified as a Category 3 Hurricane when it made landfall in the Bahamas, with a potential to reach Category 4 by the following day. -- Category 3 Hurricanes absolutely do not take place three times a year in the UK. Actually, the "worst storm on record" for the UK made landfall on October 15th, 1987, and it wasn't even classified as a Hurricane. New York City, specifically, is a seaside,...
Having the Zelda on my iPhone would be legendary!! If Nintendo was willing to sell, Apple would be foolish not to scoop the IP. Theres an immense amount of built-in following/fanbase that would surely follow their beloved characters wherever they go. Also, it's all proprietary and has a history of being held in a garden; perfect fit for Apple. I wonder how sick an Apple-branded nintendo+pixar game would be?
Gonna get interesting!
I use Facetime A LOT (lucky enough to have a large circle of fellow Apple cultist friends/family) and find it to be a superior experience to Skype, but the fact still remains that most of the world around me cannot utilize Facetime. So, I suffer the Skype experience until Facetime sees wide adoption.
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